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Posted Nov 19 2013 11:27am
11/19/2013 by 1 Comment

Many readers have asked about the various Medic-Alert Systems available right now. Making a good choice for you can be confusing with so many offering this service.

But if you have a loved one who is still living at home alone, this extra measure of safety may be a necessity. What if they fall and can’t get up! as we hear so often on television. This can and does happen everyday. Which system would you choose? Prices quoted are from time of review and may have changed recently. Check with a dealer for current prices.

Kim Daniel from Carolina Hospice Care has offered their list of

Top Medic Alert Systems Reviewed

Thank you! Carolina Hospice Care and Kim Daniel : Visit them at:

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Walgreens Ready Response offers multilingual attendants and a complimentary bathroom pendant.
They offer no on Line account access and they charge an activation fee.
Verdict 5.98
The console’s built-in safety features make Walgreens Ready Response a noteworthy option.


The American Medical Alert Corp (AMAC) monitors Walgreens Ready Response, a medical monitoring service started by this drugstore giant in 2007. This well-known home medical alert system monitoring center supports various systems throughout the country.

Walgreens Ready Response is simple to set up. After you receive your console, you just plug the console into a phone line and a power outlet. Press the help button to alert the monitoring center that the system works and then you’re ready for service. An activation fee is required to start up, but the good news is that no lonq-terrn contract is required.

In addition to the smartly designed console, the help pendant comes with three different attachment options: necklace, belt clip and wristband. The pendant has a 4·year battery life, but to ensure protection, it will send a signal to the monitoring center when the battery is low. Walgreens Ready Response will also notify your family and health care providers in case of an emergency.

To ease your pocketbook worries, Walgreens provides a lifetime warranty on all equipment.
To ensure safety in the bathroom, the place where most falls occur, Walgreens Ready Response includes an additional wall-mountable activator for the bathroom. The telephone-line monitors are also a nice touch. They are used to detect and notify monitoring center personnel when incoming phone lines are out of order. Automatic monthly check-in calls, to make sure the equipment is working, are also included with the service.

·Walgreens Ready Response offers toll-free, 24-hour customer service. You’ll find FAQs and an email address on their website for further questions. You can also submit a
request online to receive a call from a sales representative.

Walgreens Ready Response is a quality medical monitoring service with the power of a respected brand name behind it. Additionally, the monitoring center is provided by a
well-respected third-party agency – the AMAC. The enhanced monitoring console and low-battery alert also make this service a standout option, and it is a product we feel
deserves a place in our medical monitoring services review.

No longer worry about being home alone when you slip and fall or if an unfortunate event occurs. Whether help from a nearby neighbor, assistance from medical personnel or protection from an intruder, trust Walgreens Ready Response™ Medical Alert System for immediate assistance in the case of an emergency.


ADT Companion Service provides online account access and 24/7 technical support.
They charge an activation fee, and a long-term contract is required to use the system.
Verdict 6.68
Provided by a respected name in security services, ADT Companion Service delivers a quality medical alert system.

ADT has built its reputation as a top-notch security company for the last 13 decades. Within the last decade, the company has branched out into emergency monitoring services.  Thus, ADT Companion Services was established in 2004. Today, the service holds a spot on our list of the best emergency alert systems.

Like its home security systems, ADT Companion Service offers professional installation. This is not required, but the company suggests it, just to make certain everything is working properly. The company also charges an activation fee to turn on the home emergency alert system. The start-up costs are steep compared to other services we reviewed.

Furthermore, before you buy ADT Companion Service, you must be absolutely sure this is the service for you, because ADT lacks a cancel-at-any-time policy. This means that if you are dissatisfied with the service, you must wait until your yearlong contract is complete before you can switch to another service.

A two-way communication console and waterproof pendant are included with ADT Companion Service, and the monitoring center provides 24/7 support. Theconsole-to-pendant range is 300 feet, and the console has 12-20 hours of backup battery power. The console includes high and low temperature sensors that can send an alert to ADT if it detects unsafe temperatures in your home.

ADT Companion Service offers a monthly check-in service. Operators from the monitoring center make sure to call once a month to verify that the system is fully functional. Additional pendants, which are needed when a second person uses ADT Companion Service or if a pendant is lost and needs to be replaced, can be purchased on ADT’s website. Receiving help regarding your ADT Companion Service account is incredibly easy. A toll-free phone number for support and an email form to request a call back are both listed on ADT’s website. For quick answers to commonly asked questions regarding the system, FAQs are listed on the site. A downloadable brochure is available on their site as well.

While ADT Companion Service requires a hefty activation fee, its advanced console with temperature-reading capabilities and clear two-way communication make this a quality
service. ADT provides online account access and 24/7 monitoring in four separate monitoring centers across the country. ADT Companion Service is an impressive service that’s definitely worth a look.

A home medical alert system offers more than added safety and security; it gives seniors and their caregivers the freedom of independence as well as peace of mind. With the ADT Companion Service® Emergency Response System, you will have access to help at just the push of a button, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in your home. And since living alone should never mean being alone, ADT offers wireless home health security and personal emergency response systems so you can live life on your terms.


Life Alert is an industry veteran with more than 24 years experience.
The company charges an activation fee. At only 150 feet, Life Alert’s console-to-pendant range is the smallest of all the companies we reviewed.
Verdict 6.8
If you’re looking for a basic yet reliable medical monitoring service with no frills, consider Life Alert.

Medical monitoring services first gained public knowledge when Life Alert launched its now famous “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” ad campaign. Since then, the service has become one of the most popular home alert systems in the United States and Canada. Life Alert provides senior citizens and those with disabilities with a sense of security in the case of a debilitating fall or other medical emergency. The system the company employs is common throughout the industry, and Life Alert has proven itself over decades of successful monitoring services.

Life Alert’s method is simple. The person being monitored wears medical alert jewelry, such as a wrist band or neck pendant. The jewelry features an emergency or panic button that the wearer can push in the case of an emergency. The pendant then communicates with the console connected to the customer’s phone line that contacts Life Alert’s monitoring center, which in turn contacts first responders or other emergency contacts.

A Life Alert technician professionally installs each system. This is a great feature for those with family who live too far away to help. However, the company charges an activation fee for its service. There is no long-term contract required to use Life Alert, but a cancellation fee applies if you cancel without 30 days’ notice.

The core feature of the Life Alert medical alert system is the console that enables two-way communication with the company’s reputable monitoring center. The operational range between the console and pendant is 150 feet, making the system best suited for small homes. Life Alert provides either a necklace pendant or a pendant hidden in a standard men’s watch. A lifetime warranty is included on all products.

While Life Alert doesn’t offer popular additional monitoring products like a voice extender and lockbox, it does include a 911 phone (a phone that is exclusively designed to contact emergency services directly) as part of its monitoring repertoire. The Life Alert Mobile service allows you or your monitored loved ones to leave the confines of their home – and the limited 150-foot range of the console – to enjoy the freedom of coverage everywhere. Simply press any button on the phone to connect to Life Alert’s monitoring center.

Some critics view Life Alert as an outdated medical monitoring service, but its several thousand customer testimonials make it as competitive as ever. In an industry with new companies popping up all the time, the security of a well-known name can definitely be a good thing, and Life Alert has that in spades. From its mobile phone option to its professional installation, Life Alert continues to be a top-rated medical monitoring service.


Life Alert is a Personal Emergency Response and Home Medical Alert System company that saves lives from catastrophic outcomes, using a unique technology to provide superior home audio monitoring protection. Founded in 1987, Life Alert provides its service to members nationwide. The company employs over 600 people, all in the United States.

The company’s service solves a major home security issue. Life Alert’s protection helps people to live at home with independence and comfort, living their lives the way they want to, with a feeling of safety and peace of mind. Life Alert handles over two million calls a year, and on average saves at least one life from a catastrophic outcome every 17 minutes (over 31,000 in 2010). In Life Alert’s Monitoring Center, the size of its emergency staff per member is 200% greater than a traditional security company.

Thanks to a greater sense of security, a 2004 ACNielsen study showed that 87% of Life Alert members stated that Life Alert’s protection is a main or important factor in their decision to keep on living alone at home. For safety, security and emergency protection, Life Alert is the choice for all ages.

Two customer care specialists answer each call, and UfeStation offers free delivery of all equipment.
The range of operation from the LifeStation console is only 400 feet.
Verdict 7.6 
LifeStation proves to be one of the best home medical alert systems thanks to its many years in business and additional protection services.

LifeStation has several attractive features that make it an excellent medical alert system. LifeStation care specialists are required to undergo 160 hours of training before they begin working. The company has two specialists to handle every call – onewho stays with you the entire call and another who contacts emergency services. For these reasons and more, LifeStation earns our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award in our medical monitoring services review.

The LifeStation console enables two-way communication with LifeStation care specialists. This is the heart of the LifeStation medical alert system. The pendant is the legs, giving you the ability to signal LifeStation from anywhere in your home, as long as you are within 400 feet of the console.

Monitoring Services:
When you sign up for LifeStation, you or your loved one will have access to medical monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Although most people associate medical monitoring with debilitating falls, the service is also excellent for emergencies in which the victim may not be able to speak clearly. LifeStation can help with heart attacks, strokes, diabetic complications, fainting spells and much more. As long as you can push a button, help will be on the way immediately.

When you press the Help button on your console or pendant, LifeStation care specialists will answer your call in 30 seconds or less. The lightweight pendant is waterproof. If needed, additional pendants are available for a monthly charge. LifeStation also makes it a cinch to move your system to a new location, if necessary. Simply call LifeStation using your Help button a few days before you move, and they’ll set everything up.

Armed with an impressive team of care specialists, LifeStation offers some of the best medical monitoring in the industry. The LifeStation console is easy set up by plugging it
into a phone line and power outlet. The console sports a large emergency button for contacting the monitoring center, along with a dear button, four indicator lights (Power, Trouble, Sending and Home), a powerful speaker and voice equipment to ensure that care specialists can hear you. The operating range of the console is 400 feet. If the power goes out, the console has 32 hours of backup battery power.

LifeStation will fix or replace all equipment free of charge thanks to its outstanding product warranty. The company also performs weekly check-ins. When an actual emergency does occur, LifeStation will contact 911 services and anyone you’ve indicated on your emergency contact list, from a doctor to your family, friends and neighbors.

LifeStation provides a variety of extra products that help keep you protected. A lockbox is available to keep a key in so that emergency personnel can get into your home if you can’t reach thedoor, The company also sells a bathroom/llallway Help button in case of a fall when a.pendant or console isn’t in reach. For those.lookinq.for.the ultimate in protection, LifeStation offers Activity Assurance. This service has a LifeStation care specialist check in with you on a daily basis.

Contracts & Fees:
You can’t get any better than LifeStation when it comes to hassle-free installation terms. Activating LifeStation is absolutely free. Because no long-term contract is required, you
can cancel at any time without a penalty. We also love that LifeStation ships all equipment free of charge, from the console and pendant when you first sign up to replacement parts (if needed) as the months and years progress. LifeStation medical monitoring is available in both the United States and Canada.

Help & Support:.
LifeStation representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer sign-up questions, account questions and to provide technical support. To speed up the
sign-up process, you can register for LifeStation on its website. Email support is only available for brochure requests, however.
LifeStation sets the bar high for medical monitoring services that provide both fair terms and quality services. From its additional protective services and products to its impressive UL-certification in both equipment and monitoring personnel, LifeStation proves to be an incredibly well-rounded medical alert system, and we’re more than pleased to include it among the award winners for our medical monitoring services review.

LifeStation has been instrumental in providing a safety net for those faced with the potential of requiring immediate medical assistance. The LifeStation medical monitoring system has been designed by industry veterans who have one goal in mind – Secured Independence. Our monitoring system allows you the freedom to live where you desire — independently in your home — with the assurance that if you require emergency assistance at any time you can reach us with the simple push of a button. LifeStation’s medical monitoring center is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and our Care Specialists are all CSM certified so you can be confident that when you need us we will be there.


Medical Guardian offers a service that allows customers to use mobile devices rather than a landline to contact their customer
service call center.
The company doesn’t advertise their mobile service well enough, you must specifically ask for it when signing up for
Verdict 7.4

A very basic service as far as medical alert systems goes; this is a good thing. A simple service means a fast response time which is crucial when an emergency occurs.

Medical Guardian provides medical alert systems for thousands of senior and disabled citizens in the United States and. Canada. Their method is well known among the industry and anyone who has seen commercials for products such as these. The customer wears a pendant either around the neck, on the wrist or hip. When an emergency occurs, the customer presses the “help” button on the pendant (or on the provided console, should they be able to reach it.) which contacts Medical Guardian’s customer service call center.

When a representative is reached, he or she determines the best course of action. Options include contacting emergency responders or the customer’s selected contact. In either case, a quick response to a medical emergency can mean the difference between life, serious lasting injury or even death.

This is all pretty standard stuff in this industry. There is a fatal flaw in this method. That is it only works if the customer is within the range of the console and has a landline telephone connection attached to it. Unfortunately, more and more Americans are moving away from landlines in favor of mobile devices such as smart phones and VOIP services to provide their telephony needs. Medical Guardian recognizes this flaw.

To compensate for today’s changing technological, Medical Guardian now provides a service plan that works with mobile devices. Cutting the cord to a landline telephone connection moved this service into the top half of our side-by-side comparison chart. This service knocks on the door of the award winning products in this category.

When we contacted Medical Guardian’s customer service support, we were pleased to find that their representatives are informed, patient and helpful. They answered all our questions promptly and were truly interested in the best interest of their customers. Too often, we find that call center staff for medical alert providers are apathetic or crass, this leads to a lesser quality of care. Frankly, these are not qualities you look for when picking such an important service. Medical Guardian takes great care when picking their employees, you should have no trouble trusting that your call will be handled with the professionalism and urgency such a service demands.

There isn’t anything to complain about with Medical Guardian. They provide a good service at a fair price and treat their customers with respect and dignity. They have an innovative new feature that allows seniors to lose their landline without fear of losing their lifeline. That feature alone catapults Medical Guardian into the upper echelon of services in this category.

Medical Guardian was founded on the simple notion that it was possible to provide affordable, reliable home medical alert systems to seniors who wished to live an independent life at home. Thousands of seniors across the country now enjoy a restored sense of security with Medical Guardian, and their loved ones have the peace of mind knowing that help is always available at the. push of a button.

For Years, Medical Guardian has been a leading provider of personal emergency response systems, utilizing the latest technologies to provide the best possible home medical alert system for seniors, while remaining committed to providing all of our customers with personalized care and attention. Doctors, hospitals, home health care providers, social workers and pharmacies nationwide frequently recommend our services. We are honored to have been recommended as a top home medical alert system in a comprehensive study by Good Housekeeping Magazine. Our services are also reccmmended by CVS Pharmacies, Reader’s Digest, U.S. News and World Report, and have been featured on NBC News.

We offer service and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our systems are offered nationwide, monitored by medically trained personnel, and never outsourced outside of
the United States. Combined with the latest UL approved technology and an affordable monthly cost free from hidden fees or long term contracts, Medical Guardian is the smart
choice for American seniors .and their families. Our home medical alarm system will keep you or your loved one protected and provide peace-of-mind to the entire family!
We truly believe that our policies and concern for all of our clients sets us apart from other companies, you’ll see this if you do any comparisons. We provide all of our customers
with their own personal safety consultant to provide on-going support and help custom fit the service to meet each customer’s individual needs. We take pride in our medical
alert button being both reliable and affordable. Our home alert system for seniors will make you feel safe living alone, that I can guarantee.

We look forward to helping you regain your independence and start enjoying an independent life at home, free from fear. Our representatives are always available and delighted
to answer any questions you may have 24 Hours a Day 17 days a week 1365 days a Year. Having a personal emergency response system is like having peace-ol-mind that’s
always on!


LifeFone offers worldwide protection and a lengthy range of 1,000 feet.

There is no fall-detector equipment available with this medical alert system.
Verdict 8
Offering hard-to-beat terms and quality equipment, LifeFone is one of the best monitoring services out there.

LifeFone is a medical alert system that’s provided services to seniors and individuals with disabilities for nearly four decades. Its call-center personnel have a long-standing reputation for being among the best in the industry. The company’s emergency pendants and consoles are durable, dependable and affordable. Add that to LifeFone’s excellent care plans, and you get an excellent service that earns our

Top Ten REVIEWS Silver Award for medical monitoring services. LifeFone earned this honor by providing a thorough medical monitoring service. Among the features we look for is a solid emergency contact plan that is set in place upon activation of the service. Receptive and courteous response center operators are also necessary for services in this industry. LifeFone’s Emergency Care Plan offers all this and more, including a personalized profile with medical history, medications, allergies, physicians, family members, neighbors and preferred hospitals.

Monitoring Services:
LifeFone offers everything you need to provide thorough medical monitoring for your family. The two-way communication console includes a large, easy-to-find emergency button. In addition, the system comes with a necklace pendant or a wristband, enabling the wearer to contact the emergency response center no matter where they are in their home. The pendant also answers calls – an attractive feature for clients who have trouble answering the phone in a timely manner .
.Although LifeFone offers a great 2417 medical monitoring service, it lacks additional monitoring services such as fire and carbon dioxide monitoring. Monitoring for these dangers’ would make LifeFone, which is already a great service, even better.


Medical monitoring services have come a long way over the years. Many now offer additional products to use in conjunction with the console and pendant. LifeFone’s Long

Range Help Button allows the emergency call center to hear you even if you’re not by the console, extending the reach of the console up to 1,000 feet. A removable belt and pocket clip are included with each long-range button to help adhere it to your person securely. For further protection, LifeFone sells the highly popular Help Button, which is a large Velcro-mounted help button to place in hallways, by the nightstand and in other areas of the home to provide extra security in case the pendant isn’t accessible.

To let emergency responders into your home if you can’t unlock the door, you can get a hanging lockbox or a wall-mounted lockbox. Simply store a spare house key in the box and place it outside your main door. LifeFone will share the lockbox password with emergency personnel if they need to gain entry to your home.

A monitoring feature of LifeFone that you won’t find with any other medical alert system is its Worldwide Protection service. Every LifeFone client receives a LifeFone Emergency Response Card to keep in a wallet or purse at all times. This card gives health care providers instant access to your Personalized Profile via the LifeFone Emergency Response Network. This provides invaluable extra protection while you’re traveling, since emergency personnel will have access to everything they’ll need to know to give you or your loved one the best possible care.

To ensure that you’re protected in the bathroom, the place where the greatest number of falls occur, the pendant is fully waterproof and will continue working no matter how soaked it gets. Additionally, the entire system, from the console to the pendant, is UL approved. Each console has an operating range of 1,000 feet. Moreover, the console will recognize the pendant from both inside and outside the home.

Contracts & Fees:
The attractive installation terms you’ll find at LifeFone are hard to beat. Whether you sign up for an annual, quarterly or monthly contract, you’ll receive free activation. No long-term contract is ever required, and if you need to stop your service, no worries. LifeFone never charges a cancellation fee. LifeFone also gives each new client a free Emergency Response Card. LifeFone is available in both the U.S. and Canada, and its response center is located in White Plains, N.Y.
LifeFone is one of very few services in this industry that refund unused time to customers who cancel their service. Therefore, if you buy LifeFone for a loved one and they pass away, you can recoup the money you paid for the remaining service that they won’t use.

Help & Support:
LifeFone provides top-notch help and support. A 2417toll-free customer care number is available so that you can speak to a representative who can answer questions regarding bills, equipment and profile assistance. There is also an email address for customer support. Email customer support can also be found on the company’s site.

The future is brighter than ever for seniors who want the freedom to stay in their homes coupled with the knowledge that help is just a button push away. Improved technology
and great package deals have made medical monitoring services better than ever. With its esteemed worldwide protection and its reliable pendants, LifeFone is as good as they



This conveniently small, waterproof pendant works at a range of up to 1,000 feet. Additionally, this service is available in 170 languages.
Bay Alarm Medical provides several conveniences beyond the expected services, be aware that it does not offer medication dispensers, GPS tracking or fall-detection technology.
Verdict 9.5
If your loved one presses the button on the pendant, whether he or she is in the yard or the shower, the Bay Alarm Medical Alert System can notify emergency medical technicians.

For the elderly and those who live with disabilities, the thought of being alone and having a medical emergency weighs heavily on the mind. The Bay Alarm Medical Alert System offers peace of mind for such individuals. This medical alert system boasts a 1,OOO-footrange. It comes as a waterproof necklace or wristband. This medical alert system is easy to install and has a backup battery in case your power goes out.

Bay Alarm Medical can provide assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the touch of a button. Additionally, this service puts customers first by providing no-hassle pricing, the best combination of hardware, and fast, courteous service in 170 languages. This system works in most living areas of your home and can even detect if you push the button while you’re outside, as long as you’re within range of the receiver. This first-rate medical alert system wins our Top Ten REVIEWS Gold Award for its overall value, ideal combination of features and great customer service.

Monitoring Services:
The Bay Alarm Medical pendant communicates with the base console from up to 1,000 feet away. This range surpasses almost all of the other products we reviewed. The pendant’ communicates with the base console through most walls, including exterior walls. This in turn contacts Bay Alarm Medical respondents, who then coordinate with first responders.

Bay Alarm also offers monitoring for fire, smoke and carbon dioxide leaks. These additional monitoring services give you more peace of mind, especially if you or your loved one is elderly and cannot swiftly fiee the home or contact emergency services.

The console itself has features to make communication easy in an emergency. A sensitive microphone and speaker allow you to speak to Bay Alarm personnel, even if you are
not near the console. You can also use this medical alert system to answer phone calls. Simply push the button on the pendant and start talking. The pendant will turn on the
speakerphone on the base console.

The pendant for this senior alert system is petite and waterproof. You can wear the small, lightweight pendant as a necklace or wristband, or clipped on a belt. Additionally, it
features a 32-hour battery backup, so it can endure a significant power outage. All these qualities make this service invaluable.

Emergency workers use whatever means necessary to get to you. That includes breaking down the door if you are incapacitated and cannot let them in the house. This is the scenario Bay Alarm Medical alert system helps you avoid with its lockbox feature. In an emergency, operators can give ambulance and fire personnel a code for your lockbox.

The lock box works just like the ones realtors use. Responders can open the box with the code and get the house key is inside. That way you don’t end up with costly repairs.

We wish the lockbox were included in the basic price, but it is not. You pay a one-time set-up fee that we think is worth it for most people. You can order extra pendants to monitor another loved one with the same main console. You pay extra for the additional pendant, but there’s no additional monthly fee to add a person. For an added monthly cost, you can configure the home medical alert system to work with detection equipment from Bay Alarm for smoke and carbon monoxide. If the system detects either of those, it will alert customer service representatives, who will then call the fire department and anyone else you designate. Bay Alarm Medical does not
offer medication dispensers, GPS tracking or fall-detection technology. This company sticks to the basics of medical monitoring.

Contracts & Fees:
Installing Bay Alarm Medical’s equipment does not require a technician. All you have to do is plug the unit into a power outlet and a phone line. This medical alert system works with the phone line you have, so you don’t need to worry about obtaining a dedicated phone line for it. All the options are plans, not contracts. Should you decide you don’t want the system, there is no cancellation fee. If you choose to cancel the service, you have to wait until the term you have paid for – one month, quarter or year – before the service will end, however.

This senior alert system can come with you on vacation or easily move to another state. As long as you have a land line and power, you can plug in the Bay Alarm Medical
equipment for full service under your existing plan.

Help & Support:
Not everyone will need to take advantage of the 170 languages Bay Alarm Medical offers its service in, but when you need someone who can understand Kazakh, for instance, there is really no substitute. This service has invested in translation services to provide help in Thai, Azeri, Italian, Norwegian, Uzbek, Greek, Montenegrin, Hakka, Telugu and many, many other languages. The impressive list can offer tremendous peace of mind to family members all over the world. You want to know that someone will understand your aged grandmother in her own language and will help her when you are not around.

There are plenty of support options online and over the phone if you need help with installation. Additionally, Bay Alarm Medical has a FAQs page on its website. This is the only medical alert system we reviewed that offers live chat support. Chat is not an essential feature for every customer, but we don’t see why this is not an option with more home medical alert system providers, especially since they have workers ready to respond around the clock anyway. It’s convenient to be able to go to the website and get answers within seconds.

Bay Alarm Medical is the ideal medical monitoring system because of the balance it strikes between good features and good value. It has everything you need to care for a
loved one but doesn’t include unnecessary extras. The company has invested in the things that really count – easy installation, great equipment, fair payment terms and
excellent customer care in practically any language, at any time of the day or night.

For over 60 years, Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems singular mission has been to protect the most important things in life – family, health and independence. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of safety and medical alert services. All of our clients are fully protected with industry-leading medical alert alarm systems and backed by one of the nation’s most reliable 24-hour medical alert emergency call centers. Pmud Partner of AAA Call 1-877-722-9633 to learn more about special AAA member pricing for a medical alert alarm. Powerful & Proven Technology
With just a push of a button, our professionally trained emergency operators will be there to contact family members, friends, neighbors and if necessary, your local 911 emergency services.
Sleek. Lightweight. 100% Waterproof.

The emergency pendants are designed to be lightweight for comfort throughout the day and are 100% waterproof so that they’re able to be worn while bathing. After all, 80% of falls happen in the bathroom. The pendants are shipped with a lanyard, wristband and belt clip and can be interchanged. Easy to Use. Even Easier to Install. Installing BayMed Basic is as easy as 1-2-3. Just plug in the power, plug in the phone line and test the system by hitting the Emergency Button. That’s it! You’ll be set up in minutes.

Personal Protection Plan
Count on us to ensure your safety. So much more than just a 911 call, our personal protection plan will:

  • Contact friends, family and neighbors from a call list that you provide. See form.
  • Provide emergency services with your medical history and prescriptions. 
  • Our operators stay on the line until we’re sure help has arrived. 
  • The Personal Protection Package is included in all of our Payment Options.
  • 60 Years Experience. More than 100,000 Customers.
  •  Largest independently-owned alarm company in California
  • Monitored in the USA
  • Over 3 million responses
  • Certified and Accredited

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