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Review of ipod and iOS in 2011

Posted Jan 04 2012 6:24am

Apple iOS platforms was invented in the fifth year this year,Apple provided the platform to join the iCloud service, and also released iPhone and iPad 2, CDMA version of iPhone 4 4S and other new equipments. But the Apple iPod product line had any major updates.

IOS devices created again sales record

By comparison, Microsoft's tablet computer business has last for more than 10 years, Microsoft's Slate PC plans eventually were scrapped entirely last year. Although iPad faced a lot of challenges from Motorola and Samsung Galaxy Tab Xoom Android tablets, consumers seem to think that the Tablet is the iPad, they are not interested to other brands tablets.

Apple iOS sales had a large margin in 2011, while traditional smart phone makers have a long way to fall, such as Nokia and RIM. Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 and HP's WebOS failed to achieve success. Although Android's market share was well ahead of iOS, Apple's profit margins and customer satisfaction were still ahead.

The ipod sales entered into the freezing point, more users would choose iOS devices. In the past 10 years, Apple's iPod dominated the portable media player market, but fell from 50.3 million in sales last year to 42.6 million this year. With the addition of shortcomings of ipod, such as its compatibility, for example, we can not transfer music from ipod to mac directly, which is a trouble thing to many ipod fans. So how should we do? In fact, this problem is easily to solve, you can use a best ipod to computer transfer to help you, with it, you can transfer music, photos and files from ipod to any mobile devices. However, It estimated that ipod sales will continue to decline. But competitors have not got any consumer, because users have chosen to iOS devices, which have iPod applications.

Now Apple's iPod device sales that most of them are based on the iOS, now Apple's sales of iPhone and iPad are more than all the iPod quarterly. Microsoft's Zune portable music player died this year, although Apple did not announce iPod Classic will be discontinued, the signs of surface accompanied our iPod Classic the device is running out. Apple referred to in the past 10 years, iPod sales have reached to 300 million units in the world, and the global sales of iOS devices have reached 250 million units.

A new generation of iOS devices Most vulnerable the iOS device is the Apple set-top box products -Apple TV, this is considered to be "entertainment" product on the set-top box market is a great success. Google launched the Android-based TV, which was really a failure.

This year, Apple has released a CDMA version of iPhone 4, in the United States, Verizon and Sprint has become the Apple's carrier partners. Steve Jobs announced Apple iPad 2 sales has reached 15 million after launched, than previously the Tablet PC sales in the past decade.

The iphone 4S was equipped with A5 processor, supports 1080p HD output, supports CDMA/GSM/UMTS/14.4 HSDPA network, while iPhone 4S also supports the latest Bluetooth 4.The most attractive features of iPhone 4S is Siri voice Assistant, iPhone 4S was published with iOS 5 together.

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