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Recent Books Released with Alzheimers and Health in mind – 2012

Posted Jan 07 2013 1:42pm
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Recently, I was searching Amazon for the new book by Gary Joseph LeBlanc “Managing Alzheimer’s and Dementia Behaviors: Common Sense Caregiving,” and was surprised to see how many new Alzheimer’s books have been released recently. I try to stay up to date with reading and reviewing new ones, but  I think I’ve been slacking recently.

When I was caring for my Mom, I think I read a book a day sometimes, every new nugget of info about Alzheimer’s was like gold. It’s like an unfed hunger when you’re trying to make sense of this disease and help someone you love so much. So here are a few new books for our list of “good reads” about Alzheimer’s.


 Managing Alzheimer’s and Dementia Behaviors: Common Sense Caregiving


Of course, I already know Gary LeBlanc’s new booklet will be helpful for the caregiver as well as the person with Alzheimer’s.

Gary Joseph LeBlanc is a columnist, speaker and book dealer from Spring Hill, Florida. He was the primary caregiver of his beloved father stricken with Alzheimer’s disease for nearly the past decade.

I’m sure the information in this new booklet will be a catalyst in creating a better understanding between professional caregivers and the family members of the patients who they are caring for.


The Alzheimer’s Diet: A Step-by-Step Nutritional Approach for Memory Loss Prevention and Treatment (Volume 1)



I think I may have been a little skeptical of this diet book while caring for my Mom. I did take care that she got a balanced diet but now that I’m coping with COPD, I have anew insight into guarding even my balanced diet. If I eat the wrong food, I can be immediately short of breath. No fun predicament and a real eye-opener for me about diet, food and our general well-being.

Dr. Richard Isaacson and renowned nutrition expert, Dr. Christopher Ochner team up to create this ground-breaking nutritional guide for individuals concerned about memory loss. In recent years, there has been an explosion in research on nutritional interventions for Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment, which is considered to be the most severe public health crisis of our day.

Based on empirical evidence, The Alzheimer’s Diet outlines what to eat, what not to eat, and highlights a step-by-step approach for improving memory and protecting the brain through diet.


Creating Moments of Joy: A Journal for Caregivers, Fourth Edition


Jolene Brackey has a vision. A vision that will soon look beyond the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease and focus more of our energy on creating moments of joy.

When a person has short-term memory loss, his life is made up of moments. But if you think about it, our memory is made up of moments, too. We are not able to create a perfectly wonderful day with someone who has dementia, but it is absolutely attainable to create a perfectly wonderful moment; a moment that puts a smile on their face, a twinkle in their eye, or triggers a memory. Five minutes later, they won’t remember what you did or said, but the feeling you left them with will linger.


Use Your Brain to Change Your Age: Secrets to Look, Feel, and Think Younger Every Day



I must admit, I haven’t read this book yet but that title is intriguing, don’t you think. I thought it might be an informing read for those of us who can change our behavior and make a difference in our future.

From the bestselling author and PBS star, a brain healthy program to turn back the clock, and keep your mind sharp and your body fit.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Daniel Amen has been helping people look and feel young, healthy, and vibrant with his brain healthy strategies. Now, he shares his complete anti-aging program, to improve memory, focus, and energy; keep your heart and immune system strong; and reduce the outward signs of aging.


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