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Putting Huan said

Posted Mar 04 2013 6:24am

Putting Huan star plus worry-angle layout

under soon, both parties a solution to the dull atmosphere of the first game of the opening, playing momentum DuiGongZhan. Fan

Ting Yu, 16 years old, is perhaps too young to enter the disk leakage forget ordinary opponents in one hand and a small tip, Black

is suddenly not a way out, turning around the middle of the Black tendons can not because of the ensuing Reuters points, the last

resort the black only abandoned sub rushed, but helpless white overall thick black life as the chess game will be halted only line

156 hands.After the match Putting Huan Fan Ting Yu layout stage where all stays very full, feeling somewhat unusual that he under

very excessive, will look for opportunities to counterattack. "Today I sequence set was good, and point the way to eat black five

sons, I think chess on the end." cheap air jordan 2012  Putting Huan said, I failed because the layout of the first inning and led directly to Shu Qi, if

we lose, then go to Shanghai the game too much pressure, so must demand they have won, the premise is under good layout. "Bifan

Ting Yuk-year-old Pu Tinghuan cheap air jordan 1  experience richer, he even modestly that compete with Fan Ting Yu first half disk, or own at the

point of extremely passive, "Fan Ting Yu playing style is very calm, basically there will be no mistakes, late into the second

half of his opportunity, in order to defeat him, cheap air jordan 2 then the sequence set is the most important, "he said.User question: Go but also

into the casino Go bet gambling chess, chess fans are an open secret in certain sites, many professional players also fun, after

all, "with a point stance" look at the chess mentality will be more exciting.

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