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President barack Obama and the speaker of the Cheap Beats By Dre house borna 9 "fiscal

Posted Dec 11 2012 8:46am

President barack Obama and the speaker of the Cheap Beats By Dre  house borna 9 "fiscal cliff" after discussions, release positive information, so that the two parties within this month is the problem to reach an agreement reignition hope.

Obama and borna is deadline approaching "fiscal cliff" held talks, although both sides after the meeting did not disclose any details of the talks, but it looks like that each other is no longer "bravado", both parties to the negotiation attitude is put a soft. Borna office declared that "communication way still open". The White House has said that the two parties will continue to communicate.

The report pointed out that this is the U.S. cheap beats presidential election for the first time after Obama with republicans borna held talks alone. But with the past, both sides after the meeting, and no longer talk a lot of nonsense is said still can continue to the front of the communication of information.

Borna deputy cole said: "if the parties can reach an agreement, cheap dr dre beats I think most republicans will support speaker. I hope the President there can also get the same support."

At present, the two parties for taxes and government spending topics such as there are still many differences are still to be resolved, economists generally warned, if can't solve the "fiscal cliff" will make the United States once again in a recession.

It is reported, the main difference between the two Democrats insisted that the United States to the richest 2% tax payers tax increases, republicans demands a sharp cut medical and other social welfare spending.

Obama in 8 weekly speech said, he is willing to be republicans requirements, try to cut medical costs and other expenses, but he also said: "for the most wealthy americans pay a higher rate, this is I won't compromise a principle of."

Some republicans say, if you want to cut government spending huge benefits the main goal, conservatives have no choice but to accept the White House to the requirements of the rich tax increases. Republican senator cork admit, more and more republican senators are realized in tax subject republican can bargaining chip has not much.

It is now accepted that republicans should be as early as possible to get rid of tax increases subject of debate, the emphasis on social security program and the medical insurance reform.

If the United States congress cannot reach an agreement by the end of the month period, a into the next year, the United States, such as the individual income tax rate for tax preferential policies in automatic rise, government spending also will be reduced, the increasing one minus will form the hidden crisis "cliff", will seriously affect the last recovery of the U.S. economy.

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