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Pigment dyed fabrics to the true nature of that,

Posted Mar 29 2013 2:13am
Pigment dyed fabrics to the true nature of that, the general activity dyeing to ensure environmental protection harmless, colors and fabrics feel better, will not have a hard a soft feeling.
Discount Bedding Sets Count reaches a certain fineness the Jingwei number of fibers per square inch, such as 110 * 90, i.e., warp yarns 110, in one inch, the weft 90. High-density cotton fabric latitude and longitude of up to 173 * 124,40 * 140. Yarn count 60 * 60, 60 * 40.
Twill: twill weave fabric, cloth significantly oblique lines, feel, luster, better flexibility. Printing products on the market to use more of the fabric, the buyer of a lot like twill fabric, soft but relatively plain weave fabric shrinkage.
What is fiber? What classification?
Discount Comforter Sets The fibers are natural or synthetic the filamentous substances; textile fibers is used to textile fabrics fibers.
Plant fibers: cotton, hemp, fruit fibers
Natural fiber animal fibers: wool, angora, silk
Textile fibers, mineral fibers: asbestos
Recycled fiber: viscose fiber, acetate fiber
Chemical fiber synthetic fibers: nylon, polyester, acrylic, etc.
Inorganic fibers: glass fibers, metal fibers
visit this site Fitted: Fitted say is directly sets cloth mattress cover, its main purpose is wrapped mattress, mattress itself is very easy ash stain plus human destruction on a short time becomes dirty, clean it is also very inconvenient, Fitted solved this problem. Fitted in the course of the size requirements of the bed is quite high, oh, generally 1.8 m * 2 m bed Fitted with 1.8 meters by 2 meters by 25 centimeters, the bed of 1.5 meters by 2 meters with 1.5 meters * 2 m * 25 cm Fitted. Bed cover styles suitable for all styles of bed, the bed at home more personality, then you do not have to worry about to buy the right bedding!
Bedspread: bedspread general size bed according to buyers to buy! Specifications 150 * 200 +45 cm or 180 * 200 +45 cm. The two 45cm is the height from the the bedspread surface to skirt curtain side! Another skirt curtain fight fold, which would use a lot of fabric, which is why your bedspread reasons, but now there are a lot of small manufacturers pretending to take the bed cover bedspread, the root cause is the because the province fabric low cost! Another point: Most of the bedspread should be within the band a Fitted to sets of Simmons with, this is not easy to slide!) as shown below:
bedding sets Yarn count: count general branch "or the English letter" S ". We often see 30, 40, 60! That in the end what count it? Count yarn thickness standards. : Twelve of cotton can be made of the yarn 30 1 m long, it is 30; twelve made of cotton yarn of 40 one meter long, that is, 40; 1 two cotton made 60 one meter long The yarn that is 60. In fact the higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn, with such yarns cloth more thin, the cloth is relatively soft and comfortable. Count cloth requirements of the quality of the raw materials (cotton), and relatively high demand for cotton mills and textile weaving factory, a relatively high cost of the cloth. But too thin cloth used to make clothing can be used to make the bedding is not appropriate. more and more detail in
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