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Pau gasol as public refused to substitute the lakers faction soap opera fear of upgrade

Posted Jan 22 2013 1:11am
The lakers home defeat to Miami, the difficulty of the playoffs again increase. More zijin bianconeri fans upset, pau gasol his post-match interview, said publicly that he is not willing to accept the arrangement of the substitute. Nike Air Max 2011 Womens If he is determined to do so, that the lakers' factions soap opera fear will upgrade. Since the start of the new season since the paper strong the lakers have been can't to win the ball back on track, kobe Bryant and "warcraft", pau gasol and kobe Bryant, pau gasol and boss. Anthony between, has make faction of the rumors. Although these contradictions and not completely into the open, but from the American media reports of see, all this is not entirely be unfounded. On the use of pau gasol, the beginning. Anthony is requests the Spaniard to high responsible for coordination as Howard in the basket have enough offensive space. Eyes can see, this arrangement will reduce pau gasol attack efficiency. The data also support this, this season so far, pau gasol averaged 12.2 points, 8.2 rebounds and 3.8 assists, shooting was 42%, among which score and percentage are lowest career. And last season's weight is different, pau gasol this season public expressed their dissatisfaction with the role of the offensive end, Bryant's counsel handsome, should let pau gasol to the basket, then the Spaniard appeared in the low chance just many some. But his new trouble is, because the lakers last few games played well (when pau gasol concussion absence), DE handsome prepared to pau gasol substitute. Today's game, pau gasol is substitute, and this is his first time to play after joining the lakers bench. After a reporter asked pau gasol, willing to accept substitute role? Nike Air Max 2009 The Spanish people without hesitation gives the negative answer. "Maybe not!" Pau gasol concise and comprehensive answer said. Though his speech is not much, but everyone can feel this, his heart is the attitude of the problem appears abnormal. Pau gasol and even said that the last few minutes of the game, he hopes to appear in court. "I've always wanted to go to the end game. I think I should make the most dominant, the most important player to end game. When the game into the bayonet see red life and death moment, you should send the best players." Gasol said.Everyone knows, pau gasol words are said to listen. Anthony - a interesting question is, DE handsome in the next game, whether according to pau gasol mean to "run"?The lakers at home today to a 90-99 loss to the heat, Bryant scored all eight of 25 shots a game, the light is lebron James and dwyane wade - covered, and an interview before leaving he is singled out the king's spirit form bright contrast. Cheap Nike Air Max 2009 Interestingly, kobe Bryant is still today after the game, in the spirit, and push the fans on interaction, and even begged family black to black, because he felt the presence of black families will make him more will. There is a ID for "Herbert" fans in the push to Bryant, ask: "every day some people praise you, you feel?" Kobe Bryant back the fans: "the feeling is very good, but now this time, I need to black me, ha ha, family black can let me have more will!" This is called "Peter_Pitman" fans ask: "kobe, can you talk about today's shooting?" Kobe Bryant replied: "of course! We adjustment in the fourth quarter was very good, I got a lot of liberation, the heat do well." James once said before the lakers' season difficult also can't and the heat when compared to kobe Bryant still poking fun at the James, says James "is to get a cookie?" . And there is a ID for MoneyMick4983 fans after the game provoked kobe, he's pushing on the kobe Bryant @, ask whether the cookies today. Kobe Bryant obviously in good, especially in pushing the reply: "I like the trash, brother: -), the terrier good, waiting for the next time..." And the celtics fans in push with kobe Bryant's wacky interaction, ID is "_Jefe1_" fans hair push: "that's incredible, I should listen to Bryant, although I but the celtics fans, but I still have great respect for kobe Bryant is." Kobe Bryant thank the fans: "thank you, brothers, we all like competition and our team, don't personal attack, we as long as on the pitch competition, thank you for your speech. Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Today pau gasol missed in five games back after, the bench played 25 minutes, kobe Bryant, pau gasol in the push disclosed on are up-and-up. "There is no doubt that now feel more and more pau gasol." Bryant said.
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