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Pato sleepwalking battle off to AC Milan Ou crown,He stopping even depend on hand

Posted Oct 26 2012 8:03am
Lazio, AC Milan just lost on the league and crashed outside in the Champions League away 0 1 experienced originally Champions League AC Milan lost to take the Champions League that lost to Malaga items have clout. Nastier problems, but versus the Malaga scored from AC Milan squad ranging from the 69th minute, AC Milan while in the amount of 10 to experiment with 11 - because Pato playing. AC Milan seemingly Pato replaced Constance specifically to bolster the attack, in fact? After 20 minutes, Pato through the field much like sleepwalking Kareem Jackson Jerseys, perhaps just returned from damage to recover the human body not even close to its competitors requirements;, or decades to silence war, damage to perspective of field and also in front of. Employing any event, Pato after playing the function is zero.

Wanted with the video find Pato bright spot within 20 min of playing time, regardless of whether this is basically the only or, unfortunately, mistakes and mediocrity of post moves, Pato have drifted far from it is been very bad AC Milan tactical beyond the system. Pato remote in 73 minutes two consecutive corner Zhengding and injury time free-kick blocked and let people know a legal court his presence, additionally, whether AC Milan's offensive or defensive, hard to to view Pato figure, and naturally what role. 79 minutes, Montolivo in midfield ball Bianlu Pato error in Matt Schaub Women's Jersey the Malaga players behind the ball position, 79 minutes and 24 seconds, Pato circuitous moves to the middle finally flashed empty when equipped to take ball, but stopping mistakes, resulting in the handball foul

A handball is not worth parsing, because any one single striker team does not have any intention of handball, but generally will the penalty area Qiangdian or another rescue should the ball kicked his arm. Like Pato in her chest, stopping the opposing player to man-mark is absolutely not very strict circumstances, this can be also a handball foul, Taibuyinggai. Enough to observe the main difference on the state of Pato. Pato appearance of opportunity is proscribed, in case they would like to find Pato good Paowei as well as the handling the ball lens certainly a troublesome thing. When compared to, up to the eye-catching performance Shala Wei must actively additional prominent role on the field. Chaaraoui AC Milan continue to have a possibility from the 84th minute to tie the sport, small Pharaoh inserted straight into the penalty area, then companion pass ball on his chest and left foot shot, by Malaga goalkeeper Caballero blocking the out. It is composed by texans 10.26.2012
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