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Online support: into the tunnel

Posted Jan 07 2013 3:50am
After a car accident in the female dead is because riding a bicycle crossing the road, was knocked down    cheap nike air max 2013 mens
by two turn around the car. "This intersection often brush touch

things, should set up a zebra crossing." Near the newsstand, zhang said.

Why do people have special don't go underground passage, and willing to risk? Reporter noticed, underground passage of the symbol is not obvious, this area also does

not have them. Reporters tried to go underground passage, find it and subway entrances together, people are easy to get lost in it.

Reporter in the pearl river new town tour city found that huacheng avenue, gold 穂 is often visible to the bicycle and motor vehicles on the road.

Traffic lights like the pedestrian head all dizzy

This time, the new traffic rules in the provisions of the relevant ran yellow light neighborhood controversial, although in the ministry of public security announced

temporary not punished and an end, but the light of the setting is reasonable, but caused a hot debate in neighborhoods and net friend. Netizen "Jasmine instant

noodles", said the pearl river new town area traffic lights set very unreasonable, when the green pavement, both sides turn lane at the same time, the green, cause

people other car. When turn over the car, two head of driveway turn green again, pedestrians couldn't cross the road, will be disorderly to cross the road.

For this, the reporter comes to a lot of complaints of the net friend of the border of the racecourse road     cheap nike air max 2012
peace on road intersection observation, found that is indeed

the case. Sidewalk green and roadway green light at the same time, near the school and kindergarten, pedestrians many, constantly someone car intersection of risk.

Similar complaints and net friend "@ love free data", pointed out: the kins road and guangzhou China road intersection, turn right lane and go straight street pavement

will be green light at the same time. "Unnecessary lights, can stagger the time. The crossroads near children and mine there very much, please traffic police


Reporter on huacheng avenue, also found in the pearl river outside the park, tianhe elementary school outside, each has been the pedestrians on the crossing gap,

although there is the warning, but the pedestrian so that. "You see, this section of the road 3 km no sidewalks, only adventure in the past." A pick up two son school,

the old woman said.

Online support: into the tunnel, turn on the light go slow

A lot of net friend say, the pearl river new city traffic faster, motorists must be careful "chinese-style" crossing the road. In addition to the pedestrians and

bicycle illegal cross the road, but also pay attention to some "rogue" and "bike" through the phenomenon of tunnel, garage in gold  road, huacheng avenue, linjiang

avenue car tunnel will appear from time to time they figure. Netizens summed up to a few of experience: one    cheap nike air max 2011 uk
is to turn on the light before into the tunnel, the second

is to slow down, 3 it is the middle road as far as possible, the fourth is the slope when can not speed up, to prevent cross over the pedestrian.
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