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One thousand years of homemade cough secret method: the autumn cream

Posted Feb 03 2012 4:16am

It's easy to fall a sore throat, and then is cold and severe cough and even sometimes from sleep by cough up. This time we can use the autumn

The people most often eat pears, to a bottle of this cough runfei homemade, nourish the pharynx autumn cream. Not only can use pure natural ingredients remove sickness, and production

The process is also very simple, need only in fresh crush of pear juice (snow pears and ya pear all but), add a few of dates, a few slices ginger, a few pieces of rock sugar, and

ChuanBei and licorice, with low heat, slowly and cook for to flow, let the air is cool. Can a honey.

Every day with warm water and for drink a cup of, before you know it will heal a cough. The practice of simple, pure and sweet taste, plus this mysterious curative effect, really is the autumn the necessary cough magic weapon? And if you are now being cough trouble, you'll get to try this spread one thousand court's secret recipe.

Raw materials: snow pear six jujube 20 grams flesh 25 g rock sugar ginger 15 g honey 150 grams ChuanBei powder 10 grams licorice 2 grams
1. The snow pear with clean water after cutting to the skin
2. With wear the rong in turn pear meat grinding rong (with juice extractor direct pressing can also be)
3. In a bowl, to put it on a piece of cage cloth (or fine gauze), will pear meat in a cage on the cloth product
4. The four corners will lift out the hard all pear juice
5. Pour into a large pot, add sliced meat, ginger, rock candy dates, ChuanBei powder and licorice
6. Medium heat for the turn low heat, slowly and cook for to become very sticky can turn off the heat
7. To its natural air to hand and temperature consistent, with mesh filter out after cooked the pear juice, cooked with honey
8. With hot water into sterilized in the bottle into cold storage store, when drinking with warm water can be mixed

Note: in the choice of pear, snow pears and ya pear all can be used; Small heat and cook for late pear juice, must always looked at, in case the paste the bottom; Remember that have good pear juice to put a cool before adding in honey after mixing.

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