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Old K don't want to rate the U.S. men's national team 2013 men's basketball tournament schedule announced

Posted Mar 02 2013 2:38am
Warriors to a 97-108 defeat against the pacers away. The fourth section, the mighty center David lee in a rebound screens when pushing the pacers center XiBoTe XiBoTe ruthlessly, David lee push away. Nike Air Max 2011 Mens Warriors guard Stephen garage when trying to sort by the pacers forward David west down, many players tangled, was near the baseline in the mutual crowds. The players were separated after, the referee to the incident on the punishment. XiBoTe eat two technical fouls dismissal, the pacers, David west, the mighty David lee, clay Thompson, garage and David lee each have a technical foul. In an interview, rajon rondo claims to be a sociable person. On the pitch, he seldom chat with people. "I will not present in friends, we can chat in the summer." Lang said. Rajon rondo says, oneself like pass because we want to be different. "Everyone is thinking about score, score, score, so I just pass, I never do followers." Lang said. Rajon rondo also revealed a lot of fun, such as he is very like a named "DengBoEr cocktail" children beverages, such as birth at birth, the doctor will shout, "he hand too big." He has many strange habits, such as eat bread will apply a lot of butter. He doesn't like weight training, because he feels it will affect his speed. Race day, he will wash bath, 5 times on the way to arena will drink water 5 times. "I'm a little obsessive-compulsive disorder." Lang said. Nike Air Max 2011 Womens Rajon rondo said this season and heng fries the conflict, when heng fries for Kevin garnett foul, lang came more than a will heng fries push to the audience. "I don't want to fight, but I have no choice." Lang said. The game's dismissal for a lead to more continuous assists in double record end, but rajon rondo said he doesn't care about those so-called record. In the process of growth, lang gain Kevin garnett, Paul Pierce and ray Allen veterans such as a lot of help, he has also been called many times, especially the "big three" has just set up 2007 - season. "Everyone needs the ball, I must remember their shots." Rajon rondo said, "for example, Pierce threw 17 times, ray Allen threw only 7 times, so I will put the ball to ray Allen. For these things I was called several every time. Nike Air Max 2009"When interviewed, duke basketball coach old coach K said, will not continue to teach us men's basketball team. Old coach K led the us men's basketball team won in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2012 London Olympic gold medal, and led a help never participated in the Olympic Games players in the 2010 world championship in Turkey. "To the team stay together is my pleasure." Old coach K said. The United States basketball association chairman Jericho lang's case, said he heard of the old coach K decision, but they have not yet spoken to solve this problem deeply. He hopes to old K can continue to serve as the U.S. men's national team coach, and said, this season's NCAA after the game, he will talk with old coach K. The bobcats boss Michael Jordan recently in distance downtown charlotte 22 miles (35.4 km) place bought a $2.8 million mansion. The mansion is located in Norman lake and a golf club between, is the local famous rich area. Jordan's new home there are six bedrooms and eight bathroom, indoor area of 1143 square meters, covers an area of more than 4000 square meters. Due to the tight by Norman lake, therefore, curtilage in each room is lake view room. Jordan and several curtilage, including charlotte downtown a luxury apartment, Florida a set of about 2600 square meters mansion, etc. But Jordan in Chicago mansion has sell.Fiba Europe recently released its 2013 men's basketball tournament schedule, the game will be in the local time on September 4, began, the end of September 22. Cheap Nike Air Max 2009 Defending champion Spain men's basketball team will be on September 4, 5 o 'clock in the afternoon 45 points in Slovenia listed mining city in the first game, against Croatia. The last runners-up France men's basketball team (group A) will be on the same day 9 o 'clock at night in Slovenia capital ljubljana against German men's basketball team. The host Slovenia basketball and Spain with the C group, will be listed in the city, they play in the group stage of the game are all at 9 PM.
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