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nike air max 2011 mens know how it happened

Posted Mar 20 2013 9:35am


"It was not  nike air max 2011 mens  know how it happened, the man on the knife toward Zhang cut over." Yesterday afternoon, the bed, Liu said lingering fear, and Zhang was sent to the hospital, he saw Zhang was covered bloody red."Well behaved baby, no girlfriend, and usually do not love to stir up trouble." Zhang's father said, a bad home situation, for Zhang to college is not easy, and this time, another lucky accident, subject to any eventuality, the money to see a doctor unfunded. "Medical expenses down a fifteen sixty thousand."


"Zhang nothing bad habit, and not to offend the Han people." Zhang classmates say, 2 o'clock in the morning, he heard that Zhang was chopped message, hurried to the hospital in time, saw Zhang could not bear to see, "covered in blood." two police an aggregate: so got up early, unlike sheep, if not, someone stole the sheep is bad sheepfold. Ma Liang used radio to contact the police station to report the case, attention to the relevant alarm remind rear, Yang Kaijun find local village cadres, to find someone's lost sheep. Since the morning, find inconvenient. Village cadres proposed: To avoid the flock lost, first the sheep rushed to the village a yard, until after dawn, and then broadcast in the village to find the owner.


Village cadres and two police "guest" from the shepherd, village cadres after crying, two police pull some grass, induced flock to the yard in front road. After one hour, more than 100 sheep all into the yard.Seven o'clock in the morning, a smell of mutton smell the police back to the police station, just sit down, the alarm phone rang: "Panggezhuang police station this? I SUN farm village, my house sheepfold bad, more than 100 sheep lost , valued at 200,000 which! "The two police Xiangshiyixiao comfort the alarm people talk of the town do not worry, his sheep are safe. Subsequently, the police drove back to the village,  nike air max 2012 sale  and verify the information is correct, but also helped the talk of the town sheep back to their own circles. For a family difficult students, 400 dollars possible relationship to whether he can stay in school, if they love the funds did not reach the hands of students, and is likely to change the fate of these children.






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