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Nie received third place female students the Meng Zhaoyu line Three Koushou apprentice ceremony

Posted Oct 15 2012 9:46am
Grandmaster Nie Weiping more knowledgeable ceremony stored in Beijing, Meng Zhaoyu Sec line apprentice ceremony, three female students become as soon as the Tang Li, Lu Jia Weiping. Older brother Liu Jing, presided on the ceremony, Chang Hao, Zhou Heyang, Wang Lei, Lu Jia Nie disciples to witness this moment. Meng Zhaoyu fond of the proprietor gem, toast to parallel three Koushou apprentice gift officially developed into a grandmaster disciples.

Meng Zhaoyu in Nie Weiping dojo learning chess six years, ten Shayne Graham Jerseys years ago, probably will apprentice Nie received in the form of disciple of grandmaster promised Mengzhao Yu won the domestic title champion. 2002 Second woman Ming Renzhan final Mengzhao Yu advantages mistakes lost on the Yumei Ling runner-up, that let Nie Weiping endless regret illustrate to assume the duties of your broader market. Decade later, Meng Zhaoyu Go School was founded in Xi'an, checking a completely new career. Her mentor this mentoring friendship is not broken, the as Nie Weiping apprentice ceremony said, Meng Zhaoyu decade ago are able in becoming my disciples, when fate yet to be found, now fate into a number of course, hope which she continue to fuel.

Mengzhao Yu said: Today plays the main day's my well being, for a, and then finally realized the wish. Nie old apprentice great responsibility in my position, must get things in order to be an excellent apprentice, future I may continue to work harder to encourage chess culture. Nie Weiping Mengzhao Yu Message: perform the public attention towards Go, to teach kids can hope, their leaps and bounds, could take the women's world champion, a down efforts to continue career, We are able to be satisfied.

End beneath the door towards the grandmaster Mengzhao Yu tears Lian Lian, is naturally excited, the truth is, it's no surprise that so excited Mengzhao Yu. As Mengzhao Yu said, apprentice posts given segment-year-old did start to learn chess Mengzhao Yu Jacoby Jones Nike Elite Jersey, in 2000, and the next year to get in Nie Weiping Go dojo training, found favor division guidance VI includes a chess as there is a story: technology uninitiated. During the the women's Ming Renzhan in 2002, Meng Zhaoyu during in to the finals and fight for the championship and old will Meiling, Sec. Until the game, Nie said: if Meng Zhaoyu won, received to provide a disciple!

Mengzhao Yu won high voice, the organizers in the competition has even arranged the finals the other day's apprentice feast. Unfortunately, lost the final Mengzhao Yu. And more surprising could be that the next several years, Meng Zhaoyu during a magic spell, uniformly 4 times a runner-up, total champion missed. Unreasonably long the mentoring friendship of two has not been qualified to set a mentoring birthright and a wasted Decades flashed before. Do your best, even Nie grandmaster inside the memoirs, Nie Weiping: Go Life points Mengzhao Yu then could not close as being a disciple of regret. It is composed by texans 10.15.2012 Tag:
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