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Never return not to go home! - -to north wide white-collar workers

Posted Jan 31 2012 9:21am

New Year is a terrible power, let most widely white-collar try very hard to go home to the north, tell you a true jokes, I the employee of the company SunHan, years ago to find ticket home, nationhood, opened once mor web pages, found that many of the train ticket home, and is a sleeping, hurriedly order bought a, when she proudly told me, I put the ticket and brought a see, was years ago from her hometown to Beijing to ticket, she desperately homesick, lost the most basic sense, buy the ticket. Every day for years, TV, radio, Internet relatives gather come home! Keep touchy-feely, make popular panic, to use uncle li maxim: the public spread, troops not take ah.

Remember in 1997, YeMaoZhong stir up my hometown to Beijing from taizhou, when I've just bought the new house is being decorated, Los Angeles will not leave bruised, always can't put any furniture ah, ah, quarry tile "common things", leaflets angered a bit, and said: don't the whole you those what break decorated, you came to Beijing, you will never can't go back, even those who decorate use. I listen to a sense wonder: why do you come to Beijing will no longer can't go back? Looked puzzled.

In Beijing to work, my mother often ask my phone is not bitter suffering, to tell the truth, I feel no pain, and very very happy in Beijing, although have stuck in traffic, living cost is high, the competition is fierce and so on a series of reflect "bitter" factors, but the dimensional feeling and the sense of freedom in the home is cannot understand, in my hometown is equivalent to a fish in the aquarium, but in Beijing is like fish in the sea, and work in Beijing about 13 years, I seldom back home, and don't want to hometown, said this may be scold, but I don't like to lie, really doesn't want to, travel often pass by home, are too lazy to go back, and is not a house but not dayu three into so noble, but really don't want to go back to, if it weren't for sometimes to see the old man, you can never go back.

Man is a very strange animal, everyday cried out wide to the north is bad, home more beautiful mountain American water beauty, but seldom see someone back, even if have, also came back immediately, the reason is very simple, to return to their hometowns to "spell dad", but in the north wide, although "dad" is also very important, but somehow has a piece of can let a person fair competition, the connection at the place where, hometown and beautiful scenery, home again delicious snacks, family members more, to have the desire to do better and ability of the people, and the fairness of the competitive environment than but more important.

Chinese New Year's home, back to Beijing after activity, Passover to SOB flashy, also didn't see who did not come back, so, to return home for the New Year, but don't too touchy-feely, because what you value of the family home, it is just a kind of homesickness, not the real inner yearning, where home is not important, the important thing is that there is no fair competition environment, with fair competition environment, where my hometown is, these year in Beijing, and finally got the and leafy that sentence: came to Beijing, you will never can't go back.

Fair competitive environment for talents attraction, like the sea of fish to attract, aquarium and comfortable, are not fish real home, only the sea, fish is the real home!

And all the hard work aspirant north wide white-collar said. I wish you all in relatively fair competition in the environment of the root, fish tank can miss, but occasionally the sensational fans can, only the sea, is your real home!

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