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My 61 yr. old sister - recently diagnosed with Posterior Cortical Atrophy, has been becoming less and less able to care for hers

Posted by trish

My sister has been declining in her ability to care for herself - she was "asked" to retire from her teaching position (30 yrs. teaching - Master Degree in Education), not able to drive a car, difficulty walking, difficulty dressing (puts clothes on backwards, inside/out), has difficulty making phone calls because of this disability;her eyes are healthy, but her brain cannot interpret what her eyes see.  She is receiving SSI - but no rehabilitative services; consequently she cannot cook, clean house, wash clothes, etc.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your sister - this must be incredibly difficult for her, too.  Even though she is a young 61, she likely still qualifies for senior programs.  Many are oriented to people with lower income.  Contact your county social service office and ask what kind of help is available.  If someone can help her set up her home and learn new ways to do tasks, she may be able to stay independent - or at least in her own home - longer.  Ultimately she may need full time care in an assisted living type community.  Start asking around to get ideas on places that take low-income residents.  Good luck to you both as you navigate challenging waters ahead. 
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