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Moving on. Life WITHOUT Lewy.

Posted May 28 2009 2:19pm
I just realized that it has been ages since I've posted. Life is moving on, slowly but surely, without Lewy's presence...which is sad and wonderful all rolled in one.
I think I've pretty well dealt with Daddy's death now, and all the death's I "never had time to grieve". It was quite a whirlwind being smacked in the heart with all that, all at once. 7 deaths crashed down on me like a ton of bricks, as if I had just been told about them, although I had been living and dealing with aftermath and piles of paperwork that followed it all for years. I guess you just do what you have to do in order to survive at the time, to get through, to get things done...especially if you are the only one doing any of it.
For a few weeks, I can definitely say I felt depressed. I've never felt that way before. Of course I've been extremely sad and cried about many things in my life, but never "depressed". I see now just how destructive that could be if you were prone to drinking or anything else along those lines. We have no alcohol in our home, and I've never done drugs or anything like that...but I definitely packed on a good 5 pounds from eating masses of coffee ice cream!
I am still receiving bills from all of Daddy's care...even from the VA who told me they had taken care of everything once I squared away the actual day he died for them. Sheeesh! Fibbers!! But, what else is new?
And, I suppose I'm going to have to call Roswell because no one ever sent me a photo of his Veteran headstone...assuming it's surely been installed by now...?
Other than that, I don't have a lot to report regarding Lewy and the life we lived with him for what seemed like such a long time.
Our family is trying to move on, grow and find peace in what we learned on this journey.
I'm hoping one day to make this into an e-book or a properly bound one, time will tell.
I will post if anything happens, and plan on keeping this blog open until I decide what to do with it...
Until then, I hope life is treating you as kind as possible, and that Lewy naps every now and then so you see the person you know is still inside...
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