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Mother's Day

Posted May 11 2010 8:12am

MOM ...

Mother's Day this year was as difficult as the previous two. My Mom passed away in May, 3 years ago, just days shy of Mother's day. It seemed so inronic at the time.

 After all this time, I still have moments when I see a gorgeous new outfit, or my grandson pulls another tooth, or the sun just sets in a most stunning and  beautiful way, I want to call Mom and tell her. It's a fleeting moment, like a flash. For a split second she's still here, I can call her. And it's so painful when I finally remember that she is not. And, actually, she hadn't been there for me for many years.

 Alzheimers had been stealing her away for the better part of 15 years. What a long, crooked road we traveled. Yet, somehow, I know when Mom finished that journey she was at a better place, home. She sees all those things I'd like to share with her without me ever lifting the phone.

And I feel super blessed to have had my very own mom until I reached 60. That doesn't always happen. So life was good to both of us.

Now, on this Mother's Day, I only have to whisper in the air, I know she'll hear...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOM. I miss you ...





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