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Monster Beats Solo HD

Posted Jan 29 2013 7:22am
"I said Li editing this get you flirt advertising, the next month you have to leave, so I advise you not to waste time." Frederick Lai Hao looked up Suet, see Suet low The head was silent, and did not mute. He believed Lam Suet, at least they the same boat on vulnerable groups, it is necessary to look for other ways to stay on board. Lam Suet well the layout, and then vacated the position of advertising, beats by dre headphone let her three layout design lined version to print out a copy, go to the Sun Honghao She took the first prototype of layout. Relations move an inch in this society is not like gold Sister said she did not completely right, but not entirely wrong. Do everything a small gap, identify the gap to go offensive, Sun Honghao is Lam Suet scored the supermarket only gap, she must be utilized. Suet to Sun Honghao a call before you go, Sun Honghao very readily agreed to meet, Lam Suet holding the full physical and mental expectations toward family-friendly supermarket. Sun Honghao Suet politely received, but the first sentence and then trying to block the Lam Suet opening of Advertising. Monster Beats Studio This month advertising fee has spent all, do not do other advertising. Mention your magazine ... "Sun Honghao trying to find a word to let Lin who refused to give up, but he could not bear to mention your magazine true 's not very good, not Liu Xiaolu find me, otherwise busy I will not help. "Suet is a little disappointed, can even say desperate, but she was still playing all sorts of spirit, she took out her forum rudiment to expand to Sun Honghao . "I just saw downstairs you paste a substantial billboards, storage box big promotion for one month, you said that the effect will not be very good if this information on here?" Sun Honghao looked Lam Suet layout, and are very different from before, Lam Suet idea is also very good, he even had some heart. "How?" Lam Suet stare at the Sun Honghao expression, trying to see what she would like to see the expression. But Sun Honghao but shook his head and said: too simple to say really run out this month's advertising costs. "Sun Honghao things handed back Lam Suet, he can not bear to watch her a look of disappointment, turned and pretended busy , finishing with the things on the desk. Lam Suet heart look cool to toe, Monster Beats Pro come before all rosy illusions shattered at this moment. She layout paper into a bag, opened the door and went out. Sun Honghao standing upstairs to see the back of the Lam Suet emaciated, some tingling heart, but he had to do, but also must continue to do so. Lam Suet sitting on the steps of the downstairs, my heart to design their own layout and thin think again, she decided to go to a supermarket to look at the supermarket boss countless times on the phone Lam Suet verbal abuse opposite However, Lam Suet, or to go to trial, must go to trial. She followed the crowd on a bus wrapped in his clothes. The next destination is very far away from this.
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