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Mobile payment (near field) national standards Cheap Beats By Dre will come

Posted Nov 28 2012 4:12am

Mobile payment (near field) national standards Cheap Beats By Dre will come out in the wash, telecom operators have plundered mobile phones and bank CARDS become one new gold mine. After unicom cooperation with China merchants bank launched mobile phone after purse, the reporter learns, China mobile brewing for a long time mobile wallet (near field pay) also will appear on business next week.

It is understood that the China mobile will be held next week the global developers conference launched the new business. It will users various electronic card applications (such as bank card, bus card, campus/enterprise card, card, etc.) loading in the NFC has functions of mobile phone SIM card, the user the NFC mobile beats by dre cheap in the related terminal brush mobile phone use consumption. After China mobile has and unionpay and Banks to carry out the card application cooperation. Especially in the first half of this year and unionpay achieve mobile payment business cooperation agreement, be regarded as two major camps handshake.

In the day before yesterday, unicom has preemptive action. The company and China merchants bank launched mobile phone near field pay business - mobile phone purse, unicom users can will China cheap dre beats merchants bank credit card account built-in mobile phone USIM card, in a union pay flash pay quickpass logo POS brush mobile phone consumption. This is also the first mobile phone card based on the model of near field mobile payment products. The business in December took the lead in the Shanghai commercial.

Mobile phone remote payment has not fresh, brush mobile phone consumption this kind of near field pay is to large-scale commercial advance. A source says that will be in the years laid about 1.5 million Taiwan related POS terminals, to promote the consumption pattern.

Sources have also claimed that recently, the people's bank of China deputy director general slurry sampling LiuShuChun discloses, mobile payment national standards in the near future will be released, use is common international 13.56 MHz technology, and based on this technology NFC mobile phone near field pay will be the dominant force in the rich ore.

Since 2005, lamborghini in mainland China opened its first a distribution shops since, lamborghini in China made brilliant achievement. Last year, a total of 342 a lamborghini new car delivery  to China the owner hands, year-on-year growth of 70%. Lamborghini car Asia Pacific company general manager Christian Mastro accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, to Chinese market with great confidence: "China is now the world's second largest lamborghini market, the future is expected to place the first market. And he said, behold, in the next five to 10 years, lamborghini will continue to keep 20% ~ 30% of growth, in the super sports car market for 20% of the market share.

Reporter: lamborghini models in the application gradually lightweight body technology, technically, do you think the future super sports car market the main competition?

Christian: future super luxury car market to can not be blindly increasing horsepower, but to lifting weight power ratio, this is the development trend. Lightweight vehicles already is lamborghini very important technical elements, in the past, the Gallardo series have a lot of body is made by aluminum material, and in spuerleggera and performante cars will have a large number of use carbon fiber material. Lamborghini flagship model Aventador by carbon fiber monomer structure, these are lamborghini in lightweight aspects of a major breakthrough. Our holy and in Italy with tower · wave lung, has specialized in the production of carbon fiber factory, in lightweight material on one hand, it is very advanced, and we also see it as one of our core competitiveness. Lamborghini in this aspect also made a lot of exploration, for example, we introduced concept car the sixth element Sesto Elemento, vehicle weight is 999 kilograms, all made by carbon fiber.

Reporter: lamborghini the 50th anniversary of the brand, the future construction of marketing channels or what will be the new consider?

Christian: next year is lamborghini car was born 50 anniversary, we will have a very grand cruise activities and all over the world the owner of the party, in China also have celebrations and new product surprise. At the same time we will continue for lamborghini fans brought a series of driving activities, including the track day and driving college, etc. Lamborghini promotion will focus on three aspects: a let customers and fans to have more opportunities to get close to products, personally experience the charm of products; 2 let the customer know more about lamborghini brand and its historical culture; Three allow customers to learn more driving skills. In the dealer network we will also continue to expand, lamborghini in China this year the new six authorized dealer, it has been more 20 dealers, the end of next year is expected to increase to 24 home, added four dealers in China's second line open city.

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