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Memoir of a Loving Couple faced with Early On-Set Alzheimer’s

Posted Feb 06 2011 12:12am

by Barry Petersen

This is an intimate look at a vibrant couple, deeply in love, living an exciting life of travel and  adventure, commuting between two homes in Asia, when Alzheimer’s brings everything to a halt. Written from the husband’s point of view, it ‘s a poignant story of loss and sorrow by Barry Peterson. His wife, Jan, a lovely woman in her mid 50′s is diagnosed with EAOD (Early On-set Alzheimer’s Disease). And everything changes forever. Barry’s story allows us to follow along as Jan’s cognitive thinking slowly slips away. From paid companions her needs increase to full-fledged assisted living and departure from her beloved husband.

Be warned this book will make you cry. It’s a sad epic of what Alzheimer’s can do to a person and a relationship. Barry allows us to follow the afterward, when he begins a new life.  And, eventually,  we wish him happiness without  regret because he did the best he could.

To learn more about what happens after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, the symptoms and behaviors–this book is a must read!

Barry Petersen is a familiar face to anyone who watches the nightly news, espeically if it pertains to International affairs. He’s an award winning reporter and writer. But this story is not about wars or genocide,  but about the love and loss of a wonderful life with someone you love.

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