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Media reports said Obama is re-elected President deliberately hide the cia long an affair

Posted Nov 12 2012 6:47am

Recently, the United States  Cheap Beats By Dre  central intelligence agency (CIA) director general David petraeus for extramarital love exposure and resign. The American media and politics have guess just re-elected President Obama is already know this matter, but deliberately hide, wait for after the elections to throw out the single "blockbuster", in order to avoid influencing trend.

According to the report, the United States federal bureau of investigation (FBI) as early as a few months ago expose general David petraeus and the biographer broder will affair, but the Pope an affair scandal until after the election to exposure. A source said, "the question is whether Obama know when general David petraeus has an affair, and grasp of the situation how?"

The United States government former security officials and the cia advisory committee members Townsend (Frances Townsend, pointed out that the fbi once the official to launch an investigation, will inform the White House. Especially may involve intelligence, "it is hard to believe that the White House before the election don't know it at all."

According to  Cheap Beats By Dre  another conservative news network ( says, Mr Obama in order not to influence trend, will be a start to hide the American embassy in Libya benghazi consulate attack event. He wants to wait until after the election to deal with this matter. Therefore, with the attack the cia director general David petraeus will be announced his resignation after the election.

However, the White House insisted that barack Obama is in the next day after the election to learn it, accept general David petraeus resignation. It is reported, the United States congress will investigate the White House is involved in misrepresentation of the Pope scandal, in order to make Mr Obama's race do not suffer negative effects.

10, in the Democratic Party of Japan report on the meeting, called the Japanese politics "young turks" on behalf of former Japanese environment minister, current Democratic Party of Japan policy of survey of fine wild unrestrained volunteer for "extramarital love" scandal exposure, be female voters in public criticism and requirements wild tian jia told the change.

From November 10 to start the day, Democratic Party of Japan held the  Cheap Beats By Dre  national policy progress report, the first stop is fukuoka city. In fukuoka city report at the meeting, the former Japanese environment minister, current Democratic Party of Japan policy of survey of fine wild unrestrained he did not show up, but rather through a video speeches.

To listen to the report in the democratic supporters, have a fukuoka women in public said, to 30, 40 years old of Japanese women, we do not welcome as he (fine wild unrestrained chi) that make "extramarital love, hope to have more worthy to be trusted to replace him out (assume duty).

At that time, Japan's prime minister, the Democratic Party of Japan swift wild tian jia "was also on the scene. Listening to the women supporters after criticism, wild tian jia "and made no answer.

It is reported that in 2006, the Japanese have  cheap beats  weekly magazine reported on wild unrestrained chi the same female broadcast is "extramarital love" message.

The coalition have been calling for people in the prime minister will be held before Friday residence requirement "to nuclear power change" protests. In 11, the day's rally the people crowded with pavement, in the heavy rain Shouting "called big rice" the slogan of the nuclear power plant. Organizers said to number about 100000, the police poll participants about 7 or 8 one thousand people.

From the original plan, based on than valley park protests, prior to the Tokyo metropolitan government apply for the use of the park, but was told that "management problems" is not approved, so not parade.

43 years old company staff koga new two with 3 years old daughter from kawasaki city to participate in the meeting. He talked about the Japanese atomic energy regulation committee delay is kansai power company big rice nuclear power plant (in fukui county) in the fault for active fault to conclusions about whether said: "the conclusion is gradually become ambiguous, it makes people worried. If so, so new (nuclear power supervision) institutions would have no meaning."

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