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Manner Recommendations for Fellas

Posted Oct 24 2012 12:40pm

Manner Recommendations for Fellas: How to Grow Your Have Type Lacking Seeking Foolish Guys, I’m probably old enough to be your mom, so what (you ask) do I know about mens fashion? Here’s this: I shop for guys. I know guys clothes and cool clothing stores. Any guy can rock a look if he keeps in mind a few things: body style, coloring, hair and personality. Fashion tip One – Confidence is contagious. If you’re happy in your own skin, you’ve got a great start.

If you’re not okay with who you are, you’ll never be okay any way else. Not 80 pounds thinner or heavier, not when you can bench press 210 (instead of 110), not when your skin clears up, not ever. Those things may be goals, but they do not define you. Fashion tips Two-Four – Smile, Personality, Good Hygiene: No matter what you look like, you have ralph lauren mens shirts three automatic allies if you have: a nice smile, a nice personality and you are clean. Got crooked teeth? Who cares. They lend a certain charm.

The best looking guy is ugly if he’s a creep. It may not show up right away, but it will catch up with him. What no one finds attractive is dirtiness. Unwashed bodies, dirty teeth, bad breath, body odor are repulsive, no matter how great looking or well dressed a guy is. A clean looking and smelling guy is al ways attractive. Fashion Tip Five – Body Size: Basic rule of thumb: If you are overweight, avoid the ultra conservative styles and enjoy the avant-garde. I had a student in 8th grade, who was overweight. Mom made him wear very conservative, dated clothes. He was a great kid. I s ralph lauren outlet online aw that kid recently. He’s 26, still nice, and even more chubby. He looked stunning wearing, low cut, flair leg jeans, flip-flops, a gold hoop earring, and a bandana tied pirate style. Fashion Tip Six – Piercings or tattoos: Less is more.

A little barbed wire tattoo on the bicep, a small gold hoop earring, even a nose piercing is intriguing. A billboard the covers the body, in exhausting. Girls want to talk to you, not read your tatttoos. Don’t use them as camouphlage to hide the really great looking guy you are. Fashion Tip Seven – Hair There are lots of fun options. Think outside the crew cut. Long wiry curls that almost resemble dread locks, long straight hair, short and clean-cut. Look for pictures of guys with faces shaped like yours and look at how they where their hair. If you like it on them, give that style a try. Be open-minded; don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s hair. It grows. Fashion Tip Eight – Facial hair: Be creative. A neatly trimmed face beard or goatee is cute; even the patchy, unshaven surfer look can be attractive. Fashion Tip Nine – Hair dye: Don’t even if you are graying. Highlights are fine, but guys do not do all-over hair color well.

Have a girl buddy do your highlighs for you; she’ll know the best way. Fashion Tip Ten – Skin: Try to get some natural color from the sun over the summer. Working outside or hanging out at the beach with a low (8-15 SPF) sun block will help you develop a nice healthy tan. A bit of tan is good for the skin. It’s great for drying up any acne or blemishes. Watch your razor and shave cream too. They can cause blemishes. Soak your razor in rubbing alcohol. Don’t share. Use a sensitive skin shave product. Nivea is good. Fashion Tip Eleven – Clothing no-nos: – Baggy shirts- wear your shirts fitted to your size (it shows off your muscles better). – White socks or white shoes – Pants that sag off you- jeans are cut lower now, but the ‘clutch and stumble’ style looks odd – White belts with metal fittings. – A complete ‘look’: all cowboy, all military, etc. Be eclectic and use styles and accessories from different ‘looks’.

– Tank or ‘muscle’ shirts (yes, aka”wife beaters”) – Range coats – Sweat pants with the gathering at the leg; the nylon open leg track pants look better on everybody. – Gold necklace nestled in chest hair. No. No. No. Fashion Tip Twelve – Maybe styles: (can look good but only on certain people) – String tie (the kind with shoelace-like strings and a stone of some sort) This could be a nice look, but don’t wear anything remotely cowboy with it. Wear it eclectically with other styles. – Plaid flannel or dress shirts- blend it with other styles, don’t go whole-hog cowboy.

– Moccasins– some can, some look sil ralph lauren mens polo shirts ly – Pink dress shirts (best on tan or dark guys) – Hats- (baseball caps excluded, they are always cute) Fashion Tip 13 – Fashion A+ (Styles that look good on almost anyone) – White dress shirt or light striped dress shirts – Jeans with a boot cut bottom flair – Shell jewelry – Converse All-Stars (My husband who’s 47 put on our son’s Converse hi-tops; I almost flipped out he looked so hot!) – Silver thumb or index finger band rings – Sandals -Skateboard shoes – Form fitted Euro-looking shoes – Black T-shirts or polo style shirts – Boat shoes

– Fitted sweaters and dress shirts -Bright colored swim shorts or trunks -Cargo pants or shorts: (the longer styles) -Jeans: ‘hurricane’ or ‘sand’ wash with brownish or greenish tint. Slightly lower cut. No matter your body size, this will make you look taller and leaner. Hollister, Banana Republic, Aeropostale, Old Navy and American Eagle make a ‘vintage fit’ label. It’s a tailored, clean cut. Remember that you are your own best asset: your personality, actions, choices, habits, talents and the way you treat people. For more fashion, tips, check out my blogs.

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