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Maidi star men's basketball ready to welcome dinner

Posted Oct 27 2012 1:49am
Maidi star men's basketball ready to welcome dinner.On a media conference before the dinner, maidi said their new season and will wear Jersey, 9th.From the 1th of NBA, CBA, 9th, maidi said changing numbers are to the Romans do, "because thisnike air max alpha 2012   is a lucky number in China."In fact, in addition to numbers, need new season wheat Marti Romans do things there, former NBA superstar in CBA really based, not overnight.

"I want to lead my new team-mates make it, bring a Championship trophy."In an interview, maidi assured him that.However, the NBA war record shows that is not a qualified leader at maidi.Magic finished worse, he responsibility to teammates, accusing teammate disappointing.Days of fighting side by side with Yao Ming's rockets, maidi leader color is not a new time, but weaker.Forsake after havingnike air max terra ninety dallied with, in the end due to lack of responsibility, the manner of ball playing lazy, maidi became team's crusades against objects.To be established in the CBA accomplishments of obtaining the dominant position requires wheat Marti really learn to take responsibility, develop charisma like Marbury, which is by no means as simple as talking.

Even so, the rocket before the crash in the wake of the end of the season still looks very nice, rocket then achieved a record of 32 WINS, 25, looks they contested the sixth place in the West, but then they suffered a losing streak of six, including three-losing streak at home, away from home is lost to the bottom of the WaSP in the West.Which is suddenly, the rockets dropped out of the war for playoff seats, missed the first eight.Martin, Parsons and Patterson were last season and that rocket rotation is left with only three players in the lineup, entered training camp 20 players are back in the rocket contract, of which 3 were (Smith, Simpson and Fortson) carrying a non-guaranteed contract, which means that they also need to be cut or at least was trading two players.
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