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Looking supra skytop uk at the distant fade luminous light hearts welled up a vision

Posted Jan 19 2013 5:58am
Youth, when the so-called integrity youth, 16 years old, I have to pack up your things from their homes! Give up the dream once, and the other left had pursuit drift in the North, led by sister. However, this had to reach the ideal place, a young, shy, the rural rustic, always feel so humble. Train to Beijing West Railway Station down moment, out of the station, standing on the side of the road, watching largest city bustling, is not in my mind thought. As the saying goes: fearless! I can see this ancient and beautiful city in Beijing, the heart is no longer so high-profile, all the luck, all fairy in the moment of destruction, I know this society is all luck, all the delusions no longer novel it! Not just in the train several hours without nike blazer low sleep or confused, in a daze, I came Chaoyang District Shibalidian Village, decided to do it in the city, and have done a world of their own, so in Beijing Chi Bowen Book Co., Ltd. to find a job, just two days of classes may be pounding heart, urban fantasy I can not be law-abiding, I started to go to Beijing to stroll to find the subway station to do a.

The bus card began my trip in Beijing, strange environment, unfamiliar crowd. It is in this great city, I saw a different skin color, different race. When the from foreigners edge after, I would stop and watch, now think about it really childish, really good naive! Often at rush hour, I finally saw the traffic jam to see on TV, I have lamented the car really, with how many people pass by, standing on the bridge, looking at a variety of vehicles to see different people disappeared in the crowd, a different crowd, run around in the city, really beautiful night in Beijing! Looking supra skytop uk at the distant fade luminous light hearts welled up a vision!No education, no experience, no interpersonal, this preliminary sprouts society difficult, I went to the the Beijing Zhongguancun talent market to find a job, but to know more talent, are highly educated people casually come comparable yourself? In a circle on the inside, it should be said to own confidence nothing!
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