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Liberty Mutual Commercial.

Posted Mar 30 2009 8:12pm
First things first...I really don't like Liberty Mutual.
When I was selling Nany's house, they were a nightmare...they were Nany's house insurance company. Liberty Mutual was the one that sent my cousins a check for thousands of dollars for a false re-roofing claim with NO proof of who they were or claimed to be. All they did was tell someone over the phone that they were "the executor of the will", if you can believe that!? BUT when IIIIIIII called, found this all out and an "investigation" followed, they gave ME the third degree and would barely tell me anything because they said they "weren't sure if I was authorized" even though I was the ONLY person "authorized" at all and I had the legal mumbo jumbo to prove it, unlike other people who are apparently really good liars over the phone. Liberty Mutual even had one of their "investigators" call me, and the guy actually told me that he didn't feel Liberty Mutual was at fault...but that this was just a "simple domestic issue" and that IIIII should "just call these cousins up and get the money back."
Holy COW!
Needless to say that guy got a piece or two of MY mind before I slammed the phone down.
ANYway, that aside...last night on the tube, one Liberty Mutual's "new" commercials from this "responsibility project" campaign they have going came on.
There's a "middle-aged" woman and man in a car, it's raining outside, and the woman is very upset...she's in the passenger seat and the guy is driving.
I know I won't get this word-for-word, but bear with me...
She says something like, "This isn't the first time Dad's gotten lost", then they pan to an elderly man walking into a diner alone, looking a little confused.
They pan back to the people in the car.
She's crying now and says, "I don't think Dad can live alone anymore", and they pan back to the elderly man sitting in a booth eating.
The guy driving the car says, "What are you going to do?"
And the woman says (with a very sharp tone), "What am I going to do? He's our Dad."

Update: (April 21, 2009)
Since I originally posted, this particular commercial has had different "endings"....another being that the woman (the daughter of the man with dementia) tells the man in the car with her, "You're part of this family too".
Either way, despite my severe dislike of this company, I can appreciate that they are putting that message out there.
Hopefully the right people get the message.
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