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Kobe Bryant: find offensive pass balance Nash says Peter style has changed

Posted Mar 01 2013 3:16am
The lakers star kobe Bryant to the media today when interviewing, say, along with the advance of the season, and now he has to find a balance between the scoring and passing. Score, in history for the total score of 5 list of kobe Bryant, is easier task. Cheap KD 5 But passing, and as the organizers of the attack, Peter is indeed is a challenge, and how to can without sacrificing his offensive talent that both to reach a balance, this is the hardest part of the challenge. But in the all star weekend after, Bryant seemed to find this one of the tricks of the trade, and his last four games playground averaging 30.8 points on 54.9% shooting, and 6.8 assists data is a very good proof. "I have found the balance," Bryant said. "I found not only let me keep the pace of the game, and can let the other teammates have as a point of balance." In which, kobe Bryant made the most significant adjustment is, he reduced our three points of shots, the past three games, Peter three points outside line out a total of nine, and hit five goals. "It is quite strange," teammate Steve Nash comment way, "he has quite a while didn't throw three points, this is not his style." For Bryant's adjustment, boss. Anthony also feel very happy. "In the game you must know when to pass, when you attack the basket, not confuse the two" DE handsome said, "it is not an easy thing, but I think he did very well."This is a full of millionaires, multimillionaire and billionaire's world famous, often appear in various media headlines, they are rich, have a lot of people admire famous mansion, they still have the body, professional athletes is the lucky god may love thee, their male hormone is far higher than ordinary people. Such guys side can have less woman? Kevin Durant Shoes 2013 There are several women, one is active throw herself, but later they may ask the police said he is not willing to, to be raped, sexual harassment, no matter how the final court decision, suspected rape this big hat is wearing. Such as kobe Bryant, for instance hayes. Still another kind is a both of you feeling I wish, just happened in the wrong time, wrong place, wrong object, such as Tony - parker, says he stole shouldn't steal, such as deron's - west, says he stole more shouldn't steal, for instance kemp, he steal people's no problem, just too many. The woman is a very attractive eyeball topic, but not NBA players of all life, because in most of them looks, it not only not challenging but also unable to control risk, so in addition to this kind of things, they are keen to show off his money. Nike KD 5 DMV McGrady started first, he is the first to have private plane NBA star, Jordan is not bad money, he play is a sufficient mansion, arenas for feeding a crocodile cost more than $six thousand a day, even one of the Dallas double ugly daniels also creating a the head of pure gold. Compared to them, carter's private stadium although it is extremely use up costly, have already been regarded as "WuZheng industry", because after all, and the basketball. Rape many are out of thin air, amour can explain to true love, dazzle rich and others are nothing, but these far from NBA players not to pay close attention to life of all, they have some could not find any excuse issues, such as about violence, such as theft, such as shooting, etc. Iverson is one of the typical representative, he once in the quarrel will his naked wife out of the house, the rockets huo 2 tertiary once for stealing a sunglasses was the police investigation, the former players kerry Washington's gun pointing it not only have arenas, but also allegedly killed a woman. Often in the river walk, it will be wet shoes, profligate behavior to play more, it will be a house is on fire, the magician play women completed the AIDS of the same year, yao Ming play play racing 2 pick broken NBA career, Jordan an affair lead to divorce and divided the huge property, kemp for bastard the direct go bankrupt. Nike KD 5 Christmas This is the NBA, a full of money and violence and the dye VAT, in their bright appearance, and has many "officer the second generation, rich the second generation, GongEr generation" erosion's private life.
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