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Kobe Bryant eagle event rocket three players list

Posted Mar 01 2013 3:20am
In the NBA this is an unknown and small generation, but Chinese basketball fans perhaps for some of his impression, because he once played in China basketball league NBL, in guangzhou free and jiangsu has played for both with the sunrise, it is a good foreign aid. Cheap Soldier 6 In 2005 hodge was the nuggets selected, but before the start of the season after he was arrested for allegedly raped the news. When 21-year-old hodge suspected in the apartment sexual assault a 37-year-old woman. Justin Williams is a small role, he is the king played more than a season, then the rockets and signed a contract, 10 days short for injured yao played a. In October 2007, Williams was accused of a female sexual abuse, this woman is the mother of two children in the home, she says she Williams drink something feel giddy, and be sexual harassment. And the first two are different role of soy sauce, mason is an elected the best sixth person, in all star of big shop sign. In the 1997-98 season, mason in the hornets play, he had a case, a pair of ages 14 points and 15 years old sister says mason and his cousin of jeans raped them, so in a charity game two people arrested by the police. Final mason and the sisters on the out-of-court settlement were denied only 200 hours of volunteer. Finally there was a active players, this is the lakers' small forward. Cheap Lebron Soldier 6 The incident happened in September of 2011, the defendant says that Iraqi Banks will she took home forced happened five to ten times relationship. The woman in a lawsuit by the end of 2011, the court judgment for the first time that the woman's evidence is insufficient, the cancellation charges, but in 2012 in December, the woman and the Banks to court. Chinese fans very familiar with the rocket "plate ye," he long a upright and appearance, but also once involved in rape case. In April 2006, hayes was Kentucky a woman accused of rape, request compensation of $75000, the students in college is hayes on know. The woman said in April 2005, she was in the drug under the condition of unconsciousness and chuck hayes happened relationship, it is being raped. Hayes admit that both sides of the sex, but think is voluntary. Chauncey billups is now quite anywhere along the JiaoShiYe demeanor, but he also once involved in rape. Things happen in 1997, the site is Anthony - walker's apartment, when Chauncey billups and walker in Boston. Finally to the victim than general luce pay a fee, the plaintiff has revoked the lawsuit, but this TanHua show was soon the celtics sale to the Toronto raptors, began to stray career until the piston is play tricks. Cheap Lebron 6 Fame is more and more big, the murphy has reached the level of hall of fame. Once played for the rockets murphy had twice been accused of sexual harassment own daughter, for the first time in 1994, the plaintiff is one of his illegitimate daughter, then the plaintiff has revoked the charges, the second is around 2004, he was accused of in 1988-91 sexual harassment five daughters. Murphy denied charges, the court also sentenced to his innocence, but influence, but has caused. Murphy, a total of 14 children, belongs to nine different mother. Sprewell nickname fury, not a problem but is a strange thing. The sexual assault occurred in 2006 before and after, a girl from Milwaukee report to the police, said they suffered a second-class sexual assault, the location is in sprewell yacht. Sprewell once in training device manager's neck, the accused said she was also suffered sprewell lock throat, nearly be strangled. It is exposure in 2004, when a engaged in news report work lady claimed in the nightclub was Charles barkley rape, within the club name is 32 degrees Angle. Finally it is not below, the nothing. Derrick Rose Shoes But Charles barkley has been on the pitch bad boy, is also a place of pornography. There is no doubt, no matter from players fame or event influence, kobe Bryant and eagle event is the first. It is roughly such: 2003 kobe Bryant lived in a state of Colorado eagle hotel, result the second day (July 1) hotel front desk waiter to the police, said Bryant to her sexual harassment. On July 2, the police to kobe Bryant on the evidence, 4 signed to Bryant's warrant. Bryant then confessed to the police that both sides had sex, but not admit that rape, and Bryant in the stadium and the courts to and fro between on the run. Finally the girl has revoked the criminal proceedings, in the civil lawsuit aspects kobe has been sentenced guilty.
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