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Karni regular news Cheap Beats By Dre conference at the White House reiterated

Posted Dec 19 2012 7:01am

Japan will be held on December 16, in the house of  Cheap Beats By Dre  representatives election. Have a comment on the media, the paper said Japan for each party incite nationalism and militarism, with anti-chinese sentiment to diaoyu islands and constitutional amendment as a slogan, show Japan rightward atmosphere.

The article says, opposition liberal Democratic Party renders shinzo Abe focus to defend Japan's so-called "sovereign territory", claiming that will militia into "axis". Reform will Mr Ishihara is called for the abolition of the United States in Japan after world war ii for the drafting of a constitution, and suggested that the development of Japanese nuclear weapons; The prime minister told the wild tian jia has advocated constitutional amendment.

This article points out that the Japanese ruling class to national and militarism, is the economic and political crisis  deepened the results. Japan's trade surplus by turn, the economic recession. Japanese bourgeoisie to militarism, is trying to remodeling in Asia imperialist hegemony status, but because China's rise and threatened.

The article says, Japan's post-war democracy dysplasia, relying too much on ally, the United States for economic expansion, and establish the framework of LDP rule for many years, and never told militarism break, for the past war crimes also reluctant to apologize.

At present government forces and rebels around the airport road to Damascus is abnormal rigorously, the rebels control the airport road on the south side of the road, a major have captured tanks and other heavy weapons will be transferred to airport road, participate in the area to help. Syria senator thank hud 9, said in an interview, the government is not without ability clear terrorist forces, but these militants hiding in residence, because of government economics from civilian to target.

The United Nations - the Arab league's special representative for Syria crisis joint BuLaXiMi 9 and Russian deputy foreign minister and the United States BoGeDanNuoFu the standing deputy secretary of state burns in Geneva cheap dre beats on Syria crisis held a closed-door meeting. In that night issued a written statement, BuLaXiMi says the talks were "constructive", third party identity seek through the political process to solve the Syrian crisis is "necessary and still is possible".

Syria political analysts he when accepting a reporter to interview said that at present the United Nations political intervention is still going on, Russia, China, Iran and other countries are firmly opposed to military cheap dr dre beats intervention, the anticipation of western Syria's assault.

Lebanon is the deputy secretary-general of the United Nations access elea pine 10 praised the United Nations in southern Lebanon temporary forces (group li forces) to safeguard regional peace and security contributions.

Elie and loose the town in southern Lebanon's kula met with united's army commander Paul sierra after the media speech said, due to the union army's efforts and strong contact coordination and cooperation of all parties concerned, especially in the league with the Lebanese army's forces of good relationship, southern Lebanon have arisen unprecedented calm. He pointed out that, at present the rising tensions in the region, these factors in order to safeguard the stability of the region plays a decisive role.

Elie and loose stressed that should continue to strengthen the group's Lebanese army troops with the cooperation and coordination, in order to ensure the United Nations security council resolution 1701 can be carried out smoothly. He pointed out that, united with the Lebanese army's forces between the successful implementation of the cooperation is the key to the resolution.

Elie and loose 9, 10, arrived in Beirut to attend at the United Nations regional coordination mechanism 17th meeting, and Lebanese leaders meeting.

United's troops in 1978 according to the security council resolutions set up, there are from China and so on more than 30 countries 12000 peacekeeping officers and soldiers and 1000 local and international civil employees.

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