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Karni regular news Cheap Beats By Dre conference at the White House reiterated

Posted Dec 19 2012 2:32am

Ten years ago, in the CCTV news see western Thanksgiving "black Friday" discount crowded dead news, realize "discount" charm global difficult to stop, no matter the solution, common people life all want to Cheap Beats By Dre  pick up. In addition to Thanksgiving, Christmas is also the western traditional discount season, plus have the longest holiday, the businessman also more hard, in many people's eyes, Christmas has become a discount section, looked at a year of things, just wait until Christmas sell home.

Hong Kong, Macao can say is China's most western region, but also the first to cheap dr dre beats Christmas sales promotion place, is inlander feeling "discount section" the most convenient place. According to reporter understanding, many company's small white-collar workers begins early next week to Hong Kong and Macao ticket reservation, also have company boss complained: "the end of the year, the more the more busy for annual leave can get an early Hugh! Early Sue? How to catch the Christmas discount rally?

Because Hong Kong is a free port, as early as a "shopping paradise" reputation, plus Christmas discount, many French, Italian name bag, fashion are cheaper than the country of origin. But in recent years the not after is resigned, focusing on creating leisure, shopping preferred image. This year the Christmas discount than Hong Kong start early, from December 1 to 31,, Macao held shopping festival attracts people shopping. Shopping day by 17 organizations, Chambers of commerce and large shopping center jointly organized by the tourism bureau, Macao foundation and oversees industry and commerce development fund sponsorship, the civil affairs administration, macau port authority, the consumer council is support unit, broken small space and strength. Plus more than 1000 stores to join shopping day, than is usual, merchant types including major stores, shop, etc., the goods include the fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, digital products, food and beverage, etc.

Go to the shopping what's the matter? Let us from digital point of view, in recent years the rise, retail from year to year 2011 retail sales totaled 43.34 billion patacas, up 42%, including clocks and  watches, jewelry, leather products ranked in the top 3 armour. The third quarter of this year the retail sales for 12.45 billion patacas, up is still rising trend, ranked in the top 3: watch and jewelry, department stores, leather products.

There are smart consumer calculate a pen tip: patacas conversion of the yuan against the Hong Kong dollar is low, but in macau shopping merchants in macau and Hong Kong dollar 1 than 1 to settlement, if the price is the same in macau, buy than in Hong Kong to buy every 100 RMB can save SanSiKuai, if buy high-grade goods, count down a lot cheaper?.

If you have time in December to macau a visit, whether cheap beats shopping, entry don't forget to try their luck.

This year the shopping section of the new link is "one million yuan big lottery" activities. In the shopping during the day, visitors can participate in lucky draw an entry in the macau international airport, Macao outport dock, taipa BeiAn temporary passenger terminal and switch-off square has draw point, visitors free lottery, namely smoke namely awards, prizes including luxury hotel accommodation, the new defense heaven and earth "water dance room" show tickets, 100 patacas cash coupons and other coupons, etc. In addition to smoke now is the prize, visitors can also receive free raffle prizes, fill in the personal data and in shopping festival period on the specified in the collection box, can get lucky opportunity. Award prizes including more than 1 million patacas rare GP cheese cypress table, value 100000 patacas diamond necklace, value more than 50000 patacas 100 grams of gold bars, with the value of 50000 patacas coupons, etc. Is smoking namely prize and award prize value is more than 3 million patacas, award more than 12000 copies of awards in January 7, in the real estate plaza hotel open out, and the results will be lucky in January 10, published in the Macao daily and shopping day web site.

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