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jordan high heels

Posted Feb 19 2013 5:30pm
every moment. I find a little comfort, big brother is the only family I I was missing, and that all my property management Angelica all of my big brother, as at least save the child should be no problem, right? I'm always thinking about the most is the United States and China, for 27 years, and now you live these days? Married yet? Not all of the grandchildren? But when I went back to the former home Shique perplexing, the original six-story building, there is the old shoe store is long gone, replaced by an elegant environment park. I am asking passers, but they told me to say, jordan high heels If you want a coming household management. Car and I did not dare to open, afraid the police will soon catch to police after 27 years if even one car snatching thief can not catch on too ironic! Fortunately, I found from the car, a wallet, there are a lot of brown nominal value of 1000 yuan, In addition, I also found a fitting clothes, punched a taxi after can not wait to throw on towards the household registration management rush. I know not much time, there is a little more than 4 hours, arrived here to have an outlay of nearly an hour, I must as soon as possible as quickly as possible as soon as possible! , However, so I rushed to the household registration management office, they do not have my files, Nike Dunk SB Low Heels and later learned that I belong to the missing population, to the Public Security Bureau to queries. I was greatly depressed, so he asked the whereabouts of my big brother U.S. China, and they told me to take the ID card, registration of personal information to the query. I feel like I'm going crazy, loud roaring toward them, they no response, just remind me to the Public Security Bureau, to find my identity, then you can query the police building next door. I stared fiercely that few people look, then ran toward the police building and working like mad. Height of about 200 meters of the police building and the stately, some elevator is actually devoted to the car with the car you able to go upstairs. Nike Dunk SB Mid Heels I do not have time to enjoy these directly to inquire about the missing population inquiries in where. Unexpectedly, the query actually on the first floor at office lobby. My host was wearing dark glasses, but no lens little girl. At first she said I do not have identity cards, can not query. I was worried I missing that I was all alone in the back, there would be no ID card? She thinks, bow percussion from the computer, and then tell me a simple message: missing people myocardial infarction, disappeared in November 2012, whereabouts unknown. I asked her hastily that those property? "Ah," she carefully check into it, saying, "According to law, missing for 10 years declared dead, all your property confiscated!" What? I yelled, and say why my property will be confiscated? I have a brother,
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