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Jiuzhaigou Trip-Shuzheng Valley

Posted Apr 17 2014 3:15am




Jiuzhaigou is in the north of Sichuan Region and is known far and extensive as "a fairyland." The name Jiuzhaigou came from nine Tibetan towns spread throughout the area. Its fascination can be found in its simple, China tour agents  enjoyable beauty; a fairyland, basic and organic and still in its breathtaking state. With spectacular and unique ruby ponds, padded falls, vibrant jungles, snowfall hills and Tibetan individuals towns, all mixing in balance with each other - it is natural gemstone set into the hills.

Jiuzhaigou can be found in a adjusting area where southeast and north plants and creatures fulfill. A organic organic and zoological garden, it is a home of largely growing conifers and broadleaf plants, and of unusual and vulnerable creature varieties such as the massive panda, fantastic goof, and white-lip deer. Lately, UNESCO has identified the Dujiangyan Dam as a world social culture site. If you are planning to have Chinese suppliers trips to Sichuan, a visit to Jiuzhaigou would be a must-have. More China city tour info :  Tibet Tours

Smaller than the Nuorilang Drops that lie to its north along the Zechawa Stream and Jiuzhaigou's other flows, the Shuzheng Drops (Shùzhēng Pùbù, 树正瀑布) are still amazing.More China city tour info:  Guide travel to Beijing

Located in Jiuzhaigou's Shuzheng Valley, they stand 25 m (82 ft) high and 72 m (236 ft) extensive. Its wealthy waters circulation down from Competition Pond above in extreme steps, damaged up by the leaves, moss-covered stones and plants that create the impression of a elegant, moving layer. It's a particularly photogenic spot and you can't skip the lines that form further downstream from its most amazing point as guests delay to take their image.

For a enjoyable one-way stroll, get off the bus at Competition Pond and stroll the boardwalk along the Zechawa Stream, weaving through wealthy plants and stones, to achieve Shuzheng Drops. The direction carries on on along the duration of the falls until the wealthy waters slowly and the stream broadens out into private pools which gradually be a part of Shuzheng Pond. The direction delivers  China travel service  you to the Shuzheng Pond bus stop, across from which there is a small Tibetan Town.

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