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Jiuye took a deep breath

Posted Apr 16 2013 2:32am
Unfortunately, the other party has turned a deaf ear to just blankly stared at the hands of the cheap oakley sunglasses ring, just like looking at the obsessed lover. "Jiuye" rage, now get back to this ring touches the little things, the other such contempt, is simply when himself beggar general. 是可忍孰不可忍! "God, beauty meter no matter ah, either to strong?" the fat side scrape past with two whisper can be heard only the voice whispered. stronger your head. "Jiuye took a deep breath, strong self-depressed heart wroth, looked around some, but" Creepy Bazaar, heard that thousands of years ago there was a star handsome level the extremely expert at "Creepy Fair" causing trouble spot wrecked half to death by a force arm broken off, wild dogs, like throwing out. "Jiuye" Although arrogant, can not feel and star handsome level characters mentioned in the same breath. smell is little incentive to this to let "Jiuye" extremely upset, for a time actually embarrassment. Fortunately, this time a somewhat immature voice sidelines, said: "The girl I Young he now fear is thinking things, you must not get angry, while he wanted to understand, I will let him in the ring you. "" Jiuye "turned to look, turned out to be a ten three, fake oakley sunglasses four years, just recall the relationship between this young sunglass, my heart could not help a move. "Your Young? could there bragging right. the" Jiuye "deliberately cold-shouldered the opposite." Dragon Fire " suddenly forehead blue veins continued to fly, he finally got the opportunity to show his face at the beauty in front of, how can we see this as a missed? next offerings, exclaimed: "how do I not his big brother? remarks, Young has always been listening and looked, Young, Young put the ring back to the people. "Unfortunately, sunglass or fixed, with a wooden-like. the dragon fire Dunjue an unparalleled, that Jiuye" laughed, "Bale , little guy, I do not make life difficult for you, so be it, you won the girl's ring, this table are taken away, even if the Lord deficit, if you are a senior, this trivial total of the do the Lord. " "Thank you, Big Brother; the dragon fire Zhengjue well done, heard the" Jiuye "one immediately Wave." take it take it, if he care about you, my big brother, so why not white when. " . "the" Jiuye suddenly smiled, facing the side of the fat wink the latter a table of things to the speed of the winds sweep the leaves give all income Paoxiu, apparently old this road. "Jiuye" but slightly lower body, raving Dragon Fire ear softly: "Ah, getting early, Nujia also points paternity, the first in the past what, come back to take the ring guys? Big Brother ... ... "extremely dumb this soon as Big Brother shouting, the dragon fire speak, orchids faint aroma nostrils, but teenagers of the kid ever experienced Guo Zhedeng parade, the moment, half numb, blood gas on the Bay, my heart pounded, and is even the words would not come, only red face. "Jiuye" chuckled suddenly gone and the fat man to leave less than one hundred meters, "Nine Lord "smile convergence, whispered:" Run! "fat man suddenly shocked, puzzled, asked:" Lord, you ring not at hand, that's your old man's possessions, our 'soul sword 'one of Orthodoxy
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