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Jitterbug - A Phone for Boomers and Seniors

Posted May 14 2009 4:31pm

I' ve been fascinated by the Jitterbug cell phone, as I hear so many complaints about "all these fancy phones that do too much." So, I contacted the Jitterbug people, and they sent me this article about the phone. It looks like a winner for those in the market - and a good Father' s Day Gift.

Cell Phones Made Easy

There are many people who simply want to use their cell phones for calls, period. These individuals range from college students who frequently lose or damage their phones to first-time buyers to senior citizens whose kids or grandchildren want them to use a cell phone.

About a year ago, GreatCall Inc. introduced its Jitterbug cell phones to address this need for simple cell phones. The. Jitterbug. cell phones offer large keys, a free operator service and the phone' s own number prominently displayed under the screen. And, unlike other cell phone companies, Jitterbug offers no contracts, no fees to switch or cancel, no long distance and no roaming fees.

The Jitterbug comes in two models: the Dial, with a numeric keypad and the OneTouch, with just three large buttons labeled Operator, Tow and 911. The Dial model comes in graphite or white, and its buttons and on-screen lettering appear considerably larger than most cell phones. Its number keys glow bright white and are encircled by yellow borders.

The free operator service can be reached from Jitterbug phones by pressing "0" on the dial phones or “operator” on the one-touch phone. This operator greets users by name, places calls on the user' s phone (saving you the trouble of dialing) and can add numbers to a phone' s contact list if a user doesn' t want to or can' t do this.

The Jitterbug is comfortable to use for longer phone calls because of its cushioned earpiece, which blocks out external sound and helps the phone rest easier between your shoulder and ear during conversations. Additionally, it can be pre-programmed with up to 50 names and numbers, a feature that new cell phone owners will find valuable.

The Jitterbug Cell Phone and Service is not just an easy-to-use phone with bigger backlit buttons and larger, easy-to-read text, but a whole new cell phone experience tailored specifically to the needs of those who want simplicity. It‘s a great gift for Mom and Dad and a “wish list” item for anyone who wants a hassle-free way to connect with family and friends when they’re away from home.

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