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Jiang Zhengxiu class could be included in Qingdao coaching from the youth team won the pioneer three

Posted Nov 30 2012 2:46am
Tracy McGrady, despite being the biggest brand within the good the ABC's foreign aid team performance of Qingdao has been doing doldrums. Restart after game two consecutive defeats, Qingdao Club announced yesterday that head coach of a team, the head coach of a team Zhang. Original coach Jiang Zhengxiu "class" by just a team of consultants Shizhang Qingdao Korean team also switch the first head coach, the club of your respective CBA. The year 2010, they Qingdao following introduction of Tracy McGrady, bounce account. Start the original two games, but despite Tracy McGrady had 34 points and 32 points, respectively, the performance among the Broncos Throwback Jersey team very Qingdao not force another lost Fujian and Guangzhou, two forces but not predominant team. Inside the second round defeat inside the Qingdao Foshan game, called Jiang Zhengxiu fans of his class, the club officially adopting the withdrawal of South Korean Ji coach.
2008/2009 season Zhengxiu Jiang entered the league CBA, his assistant when. Coach Qingdao art season in April 2009, Jiang Zhengxiu the South Korean national team assistant coach each account. Ended in participate in the Championship Asian basketball in '09, he directed and taken part in the Asian Games, and led the Korean team beat china team won the championship. Season 2010/2011, Peyton Manning Broncos Jersey Jiang Zhengxiu again acted as coach basketball assistant men in Qingdao. In December 2010, in the course of the time of year, the class of Wang Wei, a head coach simpler. Last season, led Zhengxiu Jiang Qingdao record of 16 wins and 16 defeats.
Raw socket within the long interview with reporters, revealed that the attitude of an coach to maximize great and bad a set coach. Zhangshi Zhang can be described as coach of 62 years, who served as head coach of men's basketball Tianjin and Hebei basketball what food was in the club for 4 years as head coach of both. Nowadays, Zhang Von Miller Jersey Shizhang services with your youth team in Qingdao Youth League was good, the outcomes belonging to the first eight on the junior category were selected youth league's third best time ever. Qingdao team, the Director General belonging to the crude tin, "Jiang Zhengxiu school could possibly be the club's decision, calling the class is not to do with the fans, the club is to consider in line with the state of your team, not the desires of fans is dependant. Shun Zhang Shizhang team for 2034, and last season was played in pre-season because of the team long, because before, potential to trust anything. " It is composed by DenverBroncosJerseys 11.30.2012
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