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James shocked rajon rondo season to submit an expense account parsons push, wish a speedy recovery

Posted Feb 01 2013 2:48am
The celtics general and rajon rondo today without warning in announced season reimbursement, the news even teammate Paul Pierce is after the game from the reporters know there. NBA all parties to submit an expense account rajon rondo season news shocked, lebron James and dwyane wade - have to respond, and the rockets GaoFu handsome chandler - parsons also push, give out blessing. Nike Air Max 95 360 In the celtics beat the heat ShuangJia greatest when after Pierce came to accept from ABC television interview, just an interview he face smile vanished completely, because the host many rhys burke told him rajon rondo season to submit an expense account. Pierce's look very painful ravel: "oh, my god!" He interrupted burke of words, the back but to god. "Now we must each other unity, rajon rondo played such a good season, in the all star, this is a disappointing news, now everybody to stand." Pierce said. In fact rajon rondo season to submit an expense account news early in the game has been coach doc rivers - that "I before the game will know that, but I can't tell anyone, this inclusion too many feelings. Doc rivers said. This also explains Pierce from the reporters learned that the bad news will be so shocked. Today, lebron James and dwyane wade of the Miami heat just the leader in Boston have tasted defeat, they are more than the season's bad news all have the same reaction: "too bad!" "Bad day! Hate to hear lang more bad news! No one will want that to happen, is it as soon as possible." James in the push on, wrote. And the Miami heat coach Eric - spor Stella is there from the reporters learned that the news, before he still refused to comment on no lang many Celtic will hit what kind of performance, in confirmed the news, spor Stella surprised said: "oh, that's terrible." "Pretty steady lang more bad news, hope he can recover as soon as possible!" The rockets parsons in pushing on, to lang sent out many blessings. "I hope my brother lang can go away and now I can do is to make a telephone call to comfort him. The former teammates, the celtics are thunder center perkins also in pushing the blessings, the rajon rondo. Nike Air Max 95 Mens"We will be in the team to find some substitute lang many player, you may think we write obituaries, but we don't, we will have nothing to fear." Rivers said firmly.In the field of real brother is together in the field to fight side by side, fights together, celebrate, together take the game win or lose. However NBA always is a full of money business alliance, there are many things and not a player can decide, but for those iron brother for, even if is the team for trading away, that also is only scattered business, do not come loose of friendship. Even though far apart from each other two people can no longer fight together forever, but still the share the joys and sorrows brother. NBA with naked, icy cold of the survival of the fittest survival law, whether the team or the team are so. This makes the real brother is difficult to appear, but yao Ming is very lucky on the alliance will meet Steve. Yao Ming's arrival in fact will impact Francis for the lost of the low, but he does not care, it is the courage to for his younger brother s. Yao Ming had a time in small, head ChongKou and roaring demonstrations, Steve rush to go to the "little overlord" suddenly push, the willing to fight for the brothers of the code of the brotherhood is very moving. Even in Steve was traded to the magic after, he still and yao Ming become relationship is very good elder brothers, and they often contact. Even in the Francis NBA career the end part with high salary to return to the rockets, is to reunite and yao Ming together, this is the true brother. Nike Air Max 95 Womens About Utah double down Malone and stockton legend, more or are they on the basketball court to fight together for decades, but the brothers the pathos of the scene, in the finals loss to the bulls way after two people standing silent over his head motionless, the whole world because of the picture and is full of sadness. But even the NBA's greatest partner have such deep fraternal love, Malone chose not and stockton retirement together, but ran to the lakers hold thigh trying to win the 2004 - although the F4 is piston played everywhere find tooth. But this does not affect the two people's friendship, even Malone NBA career is no longer the jazz of the classic blue shirt, but add a the lakers gold and purple, but stockton and not for those who take refuge in Malone bitter rivals the lakers and there has been bad blood heart, two people is still privately very good friends. The classic partner Steve Nash and nowitzki is also the team operation because of raveling, but even in far apart from each other now they still cherish this great fraternal love, every time the two teams met, all can see they are warm greetings to each other, and home. Although in the field for their different team BingGe when meet, but outside the stadium is GouJianDaBei swim together drink. Nike Air Max 97"Big dream" and "glider" was the university of Houston teammates, they were in the NCAA battle of several years, only in the NBA after their land was chosen team is different, so for a long time can only engage at will, hakeem guard Houston, and is the sole drexler in Portland. Chance coincidence in the 1994-95 season trade deadline, the lakers in the first title hero Otis thorpe - with the Portland trail blazers for "glider," although the season regular season rocket performance is not good, but the university period teammates again to activate the team, so have the rockets put on "Texas cockroach" type success defending.
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