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Is dementia a disease, or a disorder?

Posted by Gaily

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Good Question. So called experts should have fun with it. As a suffer of Alhziemers and Frontal Temporal Lope Dementia, I would venture a guess they are both. FTD is damage that continues to grow to the lobes, Dementia, except for Lewy Bodies, Picks, Vascular, 4 types of FTD, Parkinsons all have definable causes so I as a patient would say they are a disorder caused by a disease. AD and Dementia of the Aging, they still are out in left field as to the cause period. Would be interested in anyother comments you get.

God Bless 


There is not much differences between 'disease' and 'disorder.' Certainly one is not worse then the other. Call it what you like. It's stilll bad.
great question, depends on who you ask, but generally for practical purposes it is splitting hairs. Technically disorder was used for more functional or psychiatric and disease was more used for medical.
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