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Introduce Some Unique iPhone 5 Cases

Posted Nov 05 2012 9:39am

Recently iPhone5 has official published, this week I will describe several iPhone5 accessories for Apple fans, these phone accessories have a lot of features, these people who want to buy iPhone5 may look carefully, currently there are many lots of iPhone5 accessories on the market, most of them are iPhone 5 cases, because iPhone5 has used new of 8 needle interface, so those Dock interface class of accessories before on cannot compatible with iPhone 5, Apple fans need to pay an attention to it.

Stay charged Rivo Case

For users who need travel frequently, we first introduced an a cell phone case, in this case, in addition to protecting the phone from injury, also there is a data cable that come with the case so that no cables and you can also charge a cell phone.

This protective case called Rivo, which is specifically designed for iPhone5. The protection of the case body is composed of plastic materials, protective case is wrapped around a layer of rubber materials, which has played a role of impact resistance. From the front view, there is no difference for Rivo case and the general case, but transfer the case to the back, you can see, Rivo case is followed by a small tail, this is a cell phone with the data cable.

When users install the iPhone 5 case, you need to put the own data lines to connect to interface with the slots inside the case, so that you can charge through on the back of data cable , while through the data lines, you can connect with computer, is very convenient.

Ultra thin design ice protective case

The slimmer fuselage of iPhone5 gave us a deep impression, it used a new metallic material as a fuselage, so that makes the iPhone5 feel better, if you want a lightweight feel and you don't want to block the iPhone5 fuselages, so look at the ice series ultra thin case.

The Ice iPhone cases have two series, namely, transparent case and scrub dry ice case, the back of these two case are using the same polycarbonate shell, only treatment process is different, transparent case for iPhone5 has a minimal impact on overall, scrub dry ice case has feel good, users can choose according to their likes. In a protective shell around a circle of silica gel material, however, you can protect your phone will not be dropped and damaged the fuselage, at the same time provide a better grip. They are both of best iphone 5 cases, which do you like? For me, I like the scrub dry ice case.

Incorporating convenient EarPods headphone storage box

Apple introduced a new EarPods headphones this year, this headset uses a completely new design, sound quality have also improved than previous-generation headsets, many users have purchased plans, a headset is recommended for everyone below storage boxes, of course, other than the included headset, it also has another role.

If the headset is randomly placed in the package, earphone is highly intertwined, one is not convenient to use, the other is very easy to damage the earphone, a storage box can easily solve the headset reception problems. This headset storage boxes is made of plastic materials, after winding along the grooves, you can put the headset well by using the headset good reception, there also has a protective cover to protect your headset and protective performance overall. Open the protective cover of the storage box, storage box becomes a small portable stand, could sustain a 7-inch device, use it to hold your cell phone, watching video would be much more comfortable.

Last week, Apple iPad mini also has published, according to the habit of Apple, all kind of iPad min accessories will be launched, of course, includes the best ipad mini cases, we shall see.

If you want to learn more information about Apple accessories, you can go to the website best case mall.

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