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Independence sought by Dementia sufferer

Posted by poppynic

Hi, I am writing for my mother who is looking after my father.  He has ischemic brain disease and, as his pyscho-geriatrician said, probably something else but he didn't know what!  Anyway, Dad insists there is nothing wrong with him and tries to do things that he cannot - he sometimes makes expensive mistakes or gets himself upset and very anxious about what he imagines he has done wrong.  For instance, he insisted he could go to the eftpos machine and get some money out - Mum said she would go too but he said he could manage by himself.  Despite having several attempts he could not manage it.  Mum does not know how to manage him.  He is on some medication but she does not want him too drugged up as he still has good days where he is almost like his old self.  Do you have any advice for my Mum?  Thanks.
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