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In Some Sense, Apple iPad mini and iPad 4 are victims

Posted Oct 27 2012 10:31am

There is no doubt that the protagonist is that Apple launched iPad mini this year, which is also anticipanted by all. Many people are getting used to this case. Apple iPad rose market share in the Tablet market --it was all the way in a one or several 9.7-inch tablet to devour the large 7-inch Tablet market (except for Apple, other major Tablet PC are 7 inch specifications).

But this time, after all, it is better than the last iPhone Conference 5. In addition to a little thing, more importantly there has not been the drama "surprise"--such as the iPad the fourth generation (4th generation), describes the iPad 4 spent a few seconds before and after, many people have no reaction to release of this product, and you don't know why it occurs.

In fact, tried to answer this question is not too difficult. Apple now is not a reckless opponent in coveting ways, layout, and set the rules of the company. If you look at the next October 26 and October 29, Microsoft and Google products will be delivered in New York, you'll understand where are the fourth generation iPad is intended--Microsoft's Tablet Surface and Google Nexus 10 is a 10-inch tablet computer. Therefore, fourth-generation iPad is the new flat-panel shield to deal with Microsoft and Google.

In other words, Apple must have had a slightly stronger than the early release of The New iPad products, to respond to attack Google and Microsoft. Now officer online directly use fourth generation iPad to replace The New iPad--from Crown name it is a new product, actually it more like is the improved version of The New iPad --you even didn't heard from generation factory that there has so a new product, in Conference Phil Schiller with several seconds on told its changes, showed it with year Nokia of "for shell" differences is unlikely to, basically equivalent to N97 and N97 I of relationship. It is the most terrible history of Apple's "next-generation" products.

However, it was more dramatic: when Google and Microsoft have finally shifted to 10 inch tablet, consistently adhere to the size of the 9.7-inch Apple transfer battlefield. It began attacking "7-inch" market--iPad mini size is 7.9 inches, and with the mainstreaming of the iPad's 9.7-inch forms a very beautiful light. What is more, Apple will launch some new ipad accessories to appeal fans, just like the launch of iphone 5 and ipad2, Apple also published some best iphone 5 cases and cheap ipad 2 cases. So I think the new ipad4 cases will be come.

Apple iPad rose market share in the Tablet market --it was all the way in a one or several 9.7-inch tablet to devour the large 7-inch Tablet market (except for Apple, other major Tablet PC are 7 inch specifications). And when competitors use 9-10 inches of product to counterattack, Apple has begun to make great efforts to 7.9 inches iPad mini. Why Apple does this?

First, the Tablet's competition results show a basic logic over the past two years: this blowout 10 inch Tablet win of 7-inch tablet, which is dominated by Apple, of course, but also proved that the so-called 7-inch Tablet is best judgement PC, which had never established. Then what is the significance of 7.9 inch iPad mini for Apple?

Second, if said past of 7 inches flat market was because Amazon Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Note and ASUS Nexus s, so it is not successful, then with what iPad mini can overturn all that? Not regardless of size and price of people early has became iPad users, left of most is price sensitive of user--also has number people will for a paragraph configuration and experience does not really of more superior of iPad mini, willing to pay an extra $ 130 post (most of the 7-inch Tablet priced at $ 199, iPad mini minimum price $ 329)? So many people are not optimistic about Microsoft's upcoming Tablet PC Surface, which is not enough to fight the iPad. Why price logic to the iPad mini tablet Android and Amazon and other dimensions of competition, will be able to set up?

So you can look at iPad mini and fourth generation iPad with their respective predicaments:

First, Apple wants to eat a 7-inch screen Tablet market, although the markets have not big (less 30%). It was because the market was not big, and hardware profits has been pressured to be thin by the Amazon and Google is the, so the iPad mini has only been offering the lowest price of us $ 329, to make profit. But such a price is far higher than that of other similar products price, and price-sensitive users, Apple's brand and relatively mediocre configuration for "user experience" is not really the core requirements.

Second, the shock of 329 dollars is fatal for Apple other products: it shocked the needs of iPod Touch, also may shock traditional iPad of needs--if really because iPad mini appeared, that led to 7 inches flat needs surge words, loss more of also are really not ASUS, Google and Amazon, also not Microsoft Surface, but Apple themselves 499, and 599 and 6 49 dollars "original" iPad flat computer. That is why the Apple use iPad mini to compare to iPad 2, and the reason does not update the products mentioned. 80% on Twitter since the comment was made that United States high schools have been using the iPad as a teaching tool, it is more suitable for use in primary schools and junior middle school iPad mini, I think this is God's logic. But if so, Apple is really not a good thing.

Third, Apple may really believe that fourth generation iPad should became main sales power, this from it can't wait to in officer online let fourth generation iPad replaced The New iPad of location also can seen points clues, but Apple also cannot for this paragraph so-called of "next-generation" iPad found more added of selling point, and when the competition opponent began attack 9-10 inches market, it also had to with this "new products" to compete about 7 inches market. Also, this seems to indirectly declare the failure of The New iPad. From the perspective of time, rhythm of the iPad release and I've also never been so upset.

Apple iPad mini and fourth generation iPad are the "masterpiece"-they are products of the machine parts amendments added, is led by outside, rather than products with unique soul and product philosophy. They all were possible, but were unable to verify that there's some market space, in this sense, they are victims.

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