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In fine, I wish Jordan happy birthday!

Posted Feb 19 2013 6:15pm
So kobe Bryant (micro Po) must be two both his throw a ball, because he didn't want to lose the game, he has your morale; So to iverson scored 30 points, because he does not fear anyone, he has your spirit; So add knight must get the MVP, for the generation of players, Allen iverson, kobe Bryant, Duncan and the MVP, AdiZero Crazy Light 2 but he has your temperament; Even Marion (official micro bo data), seem to also must be you sway fly, helplessly watching hit, because the 2002 all-star weekend, after the end of the regular season you victory in the first game, the last sway fly of is also him. Everything should be rhyme is born.You retired the first time when said: "BASKETBALL IS ALWAYS LARGER THAN ME! (BASKETBALL will more THAN my own)" so I want to perfect this movement, you can only smile harvest of regret. Although the MVP gold cup, seems to be for his design, for he makes. Such defects have one thousand times, the king will only be laughed out of court. He can and all the junior epigenetic give me five hit elbow, wish they had no more chance to regret. This time, who will remember 1984 the pedal Nike shoes children, carrying canvas bag himself AdiZero Rose 2.0 came to Chicago? That time I understand oneself or the ignorant child, as long as life don't stop, then the constant striving to surpass yourself. So in 2004, as you know what you want to work conference host, I concussion can't own. Again and again said that said 12 years of incentives to English, again and again see you imagine you will and I said what, but the truth is, the court found himself couldn't control his emotions, a handshake, a hug, a sound "thank you", I have enough. Thank you for after returning to the United States for my praise, that is I put yourself from a fat man trained now shape of power. Basketball to me, absolutely is the hero of the fatigue life dream, Cheap Kobe 8 and that often can represent basketball to inspire me, is you.As time goes by, in 2007. When I went to the eve of the Las Vegas broadcast all-star, invited to your birthday PARTY. You hit a purple jacket, hand twist cigar sit at a banquet on high, let alone people hustle-bustle, remain unmoved. Many pretty girl friends or just a little smile or talk, but no one can easily obtrude on you. Suddenly saw Jordan responded with a start, for lit his cigar, a root fly to Anthony, a piece of flying to Paul, a loud call names, no matter where person must courtesy to you, cigar to, you mouth you a smile, high and low to set, suddenly someone report, rich almond and Charles Oakley to, whether through? You do surprise shape side side face, caught a glimpse of two people in the audience stand, said with a grin, a young, pointing to the left arm, hand gently to HuiBei struck a half circle, two people hunt, appear to keep up with the fist tap a hug, very warm, but you and whatever, the upper part of the body Kobe 8 Shoes has been upright, and never move half step. Beijing words, this is called lun namely model; The young man said, this is called style; For me such a suburban brain residual powder is concerned, this is the king of the gas. The birthday party you fete many guests to participate in, Georgetown university legion coach Thompson heavy said 1 has been in my heart said many times said, "no one, no one can be compared with you."2008 at this time of year, you in China's birthday party is my home. When you through the satellite TV attachment thank the fans, I should express again trembling with Issac Perry verse, everyone felt you are here. Not because of your Jordan 23 shoes generation, not because that such as Chicago general club set, just because you have beyond yourself, no longer just a player, but a kind of spirit, a kind of power. Before the Olympic Games that year, I and Paul, Anthony chat up you, their eyes give light let me see the reverence, that is not just because they are descendants of the you, not because they are your players, just because you have beyond the elder and the meaning of the elderly, but an image, lead the infinite inheritance. Beyond, this is you in the NBA every year strive to accomplish goals; Beyond, this is your hard work on the pitch when each field are trying to achieve results.
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