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In addition to borrow from relatives and friends

Posted Jan 07 2013 3:41am
Back on July 18, 2012, China was mother MeiYi embrace, sitting in the van of the father, ready to put a car cane to the mills. Knocked down by a truck failure

guardrail, however, back
nike air max 2010 uk sale     China stuck on the truck, and the right leg broken into 3 sections. About 1 hours later, when firefighters picked her out of the van, back

China already coma due to excessive blood loss.

"So serious fracture does not see more. First, leading to the legs." Back on July 18 in the evening, China was sent to guangzhou general hospital of guangzhou military

region orthopaedic hospital for rescue. Back in hospital, China appear due to blood loss of more than 2000 ml of traumatic shock. The surgeon general hospital of

guangzhou military area commands guangzhou traumatic orthopedic doctor XiaYuanJun orthopaedic hospital, said back China right femoral fracture, muscle crack and bone,

bone exposed. MeiYi describe her daughter's legs like a cut of the pig feet, disastrous. First hospital back to China after fracture restoration surgery, internal

fixation surgery for her thighs, and the calf 20 cm x 8 centimeters of preliminary treatment the wound.

Five months time, back China accepted 15 times fracture surgery, from knee to the ankle of the wound gradually narrow; And cut the size of the palm skin tissue from his

thigh, calf skin graft surgery of

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Recovery is presently, China is good, the foot skin skin gradually into the death of coke scab, began to grow new granulation. Summer, the doctor said the leg wound

back China no longer appear, such as infection, ankle, can handling bone surgery; Back after after debugging process, China has hope, and the other children as normal


Back China misfortune get part of the love people's attention. Late in December last year, guangdong public the T-shirt back solitary student council for the promotion

of China contributed 30000 yuan, used to work in a hospital nurse does not bring donated 1000 yuan, a little girl panyu also donated 100 yuan. However, academic degrees

and the operation cost need to be more than 30, among them, the back of operation about 20 more than; And right leg injured MeiYi yet can't walk, the operation should

be about 110000. In addition to borrow from relatives and friends, operation is 80000 yuan.

On January 3, the sudden heavy snow in shaoxing many industries has had a big influence, light textile city and the distribution of fabrics of met "problem". Yesterday,

the reporter understands in the interview, since the snow, light textile city fabric enterprise, truck drivers and the principal person in charge of logistics business

enterprise are all pay close attention to the weather, sometimes the driver because the sealing way have
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yuan, cloth business the fabric generally extend to all the time.
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