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Improving the Life of an HP Laptop Battery 6735S Effectively

Posted Dec 18 2013 10:19am

The life ofHP Laptop Battery 6735Shelps you in using your laptop for longer period without connecting it to the power source or during power failure.Though extending the life of your laptop battery is a technical issue even then you can do it by taking some careful steps, if you are a non-technical person.


Methods to improve your HP Laptop Battery 6735S life

Protect the battery from heat: You can damage your laptop battery for HP 6735S by heating it excessively as it can damage the joined sections and cells of the battery. You should avoid placing your laptop battery near any hot object like microwave, oven and heaters used in your home or office. Overuse of the applications on your laptop can also increase its temperature to a dangerous level for its battery. In such cases you can close some of the applications used on the laptop to decrease its temperature to the required level.


Evade complete discharging of the battery:HP 6735S batteryshould be avoided to discharge completely as this Li-Ion battery easily gets strained with its low charging. The charge of your laptop battery should not be lowered below its 20% level. You can not only increase the life of your battery by 30% by not discharging it completely but also save your laptop from unexpected closures.


Use genuine adaptor for charging the battery: You can also improve the life of your laptop battery by using a genuine HP 6735S adapter for charging it every time. use of improper adaptors can not only decline the charging capacity of your battery but also damage its charging terminals that may effect its charging in future.


Stop the power consuming devices on your laptop: Stopping the use of devices on your laptop which consume more power can also help in improving the life of your battery andHP adapter. Some applications including USB, inbuilt WiFi and Bluetooth can consume more power from your battery when it is not connected to any power plug. You can improve the working capacity of your laptop by switching off such applications and devices.


Adjust the brightness of the laptop screen: You can lower the brightness of the screen of your laptop if you are using it outdoor or in a well lit room as it can save the power supply of your battery for HP 6735S. The power saved from lowering the brightness of your screen can be used in some other important works on your laptop.

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