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I know we do is really too much

Posted Dec 07 2012 7:17am
I know we do is really too much, so! I let we miss the mask off, you will understand why we can do this, but I hope to see you no matter what director wu, can miss for us keep secrets." Although WuJunJie is not going to help such patients cure, but he has its own ethics, so when he heard the words of middle-aged women, very seriously replied: "we doctors have their own ethics, for the patient's condition, as long as it's not patients and relatives of the same, we are not to reveal to the outside, but I can see the patient and don't want to accept treatment, Lebron IV so I see you still don't specifically to prove anything!" Maybe wu junjie words touched the girl, when suddenly the girl wearing a face mask to take down, look very complicated looking at station in the ward WuJunJie within. When a girl from his face mask off of that for an instant, the WuJunJie see a like clear water gives lotus of the face, although he saw yesterday the girl, has been very curious that piece of mask back face what, but then he discovered this face master gave him a kind heart, Cheap Nike Hyperfuse 2012 more than a dry body and disease such as west - three points feeling. But WuJunJie and not a satyr, although it faces a him a jing is colourful feeling, but he was just in the twinkling of an eye out senses, but also feel very curious, the other party is not a piece of liu face, it is necessary to wear a mask? Girl to their appearance is very confident, but WuJunJie reaction but let her feel very surprised, especially WuJunJie that a face of puzzled expression, but also make her feel very incredible. A woman's mind is such contradictory, if her appearance caused the attention of a man, she was proud at the same time, because of man's eyes and feel disgusted, but is when the other party to her appearance and turn a blind eye to, Kevin Durant Shoes and she will feel depressed for this situation. So when the girl see WuJunJie reaction, it was puzzled, in the heart thought way: "how did he give me a kind of like don't know how I feel, don't he really don't know me? Or play don't know me? Weekdays the men see I always color a fan fan, I what to wish to ShengTunHuoBao, but his eyes why so bright? Why a little desire all have no? Don't because I was ill reason, cause I appearance peak? Have to did not appeal" at this time not only girl because WuJunJie reaction and felt puzzled, even one side of middle-aged women also because of the reaction and feel incredible, Cheap KD 4 she was looking at the station before wu junjie, carefully test way: "director wu. Miss! We named LinReXuan!" Hear middle-aged woman carefully, and try to make WuJunJie was puzzled, because in his memory, in does not seem to have heard of this name, but he saw each other so that to be mysterious. He believes that the name was LinReXuan girl should be very famous, but he tried to memory for a long time, finally still can't find any involvement with LinReXuan memory, so at this moment he was very sorry to answer a way: "I'm sorry! In my memory of seems to have never heard the name LinReXuan." "Oh! How could it be, this young lady say in households around the world, but at least is famous Chinese. He says he doesn't know me, does he think he is from an alien?
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