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I jump on the nike shox experience cheap back of his brother habitual lying in her strong

Posted Jan 08 2013 2:55am
In fact, my brother is a very quiet boy. He was back to play the harmonica, I like to see the look he sat in the sunset, playing the harmonica, melancholy sound of the piano so he is like a fairy tale prince. From small to large, the brother never in the face of a fight. Once but because I hit a neighbor's child, the child's mother to complain, my mother taught my brother, he is very unconvinced said: "who bullied Qiner, I OUYANG Jun who will fight." Mother was angry. will be fine brother not allowed to eat lunch, three hours to stand on the balcony. I secretly take bread sent to his brother and asked him softly: "Brother, you hate me? Are my incriminate you." I thought he would say: "are you a goblin Chuang curse." He he said with a smile: "Silly girl, why hate you, hate you have people bring me bread?" Since then, I never got in trouble. That year, 14-year-old brother, I was 8 years old.Look down at the hands of the "letter" has long been of the men's nike shox nz palm of a Qinglei. I continue Taxue forward, his eyes covered with snow dancing gently wind coming from all directions, blowing my shoulder-length hair and purple windbreaker, they expand in the wind, as if my mood waves of sadness bubbling flow in the body. Opposite Santa Claus carrying a gift of cloth burden came up to me."

A beautiful young lady, Happychristmans! Need anything?""Thank you, please give me a snowflake!"Santa surprised I still cheerfully from low tree slightly on Remove be most holy pinch to me. I will snow stuck to the face, to learn the beak pain.That is Christmas. My brother and I catch a snowflake, financial happy that crowd. We ran, laughing expression countless hearts happy. The melody of "Christmas carols" walk in the air, while the sky seems to penetrate the happy, rosy. I jump on the nike shox experience cheap back of his brother habitual lying in her strong arms, shouting: "good fresh air above, above snowflakes charm." After all, is on the street, I can not be too presumptuous. Jumped down holding his brother's hand and said: "Brother, if you have a wife, who is going to back me?" Various strange smile, replied: "I put you first married wife ah!" brother came to the side of the devil's hands are slipping toward us. "Qin Er, out of the way."
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