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I had to counter this!

Posted Feb 19 2009 5:10pm
I had to respond to older brother's vivid memory of my early days as his sibling.  "Chubby and drooling a lot" really gives us a cute picture of my arrival and Don's clear impression of the hight points of my humanity in those early days.  Don was a great older brother, though I know I taxed his patience mightily from time to time. On second thought, in some almost prophetic sense we do come full circle do we not?  I find myself "chubby" and on certain days "drooling a lot", with the prospect of both chubbiness and the propensity to drool both increasing as I move on into these later years!  Anyway, it was nice for Don to remember my birthday.  Take care 'ol brother, as you gain strength and steadiness.  From Kansas.  Jan
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