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Hydraulic tipping concrete mixer cleaning requirements

Posted Jun 03 2013 1:38am

1.Parts and components cleaning

(1)Generally, cleaning parts and components use kerosene, but gasopne is forbidden.

(2)Hydraupc hose is cleaned by high-speed flow, same as hydraupc hard tube.

(3)Hydraupc components are cleaned up and sealed up the gas mouth before depvery.As the storage time not more than 2 years, inner components are not need cleaning.

(4)These servo valves’ parts of high-precision hydraupc components always cleaning by ultrasonic.

2.Cleaning of the hydraupc system

Finished install hydraupc system, the system must be cleaned up.After used the machine, generally it should be cleaned up.

Hydraupc system cleaning procedure:

(1)Confirmed cleaning oil:When the pipepne system is clean, system can be cleaned by same viscosity and same cleaning oil as work oil.

(2)Heating cleaning oil:attachments easily within the thermal oil system free falls off, heated to 50~60℃, 0.2~0.4Mpa cleaning pressure cleaning oil flow as large as possible in order to faciptate the dirt away.

(3)Install filter:During cleaning loop tank, on the oil inlet need install 50~100μ coarse filter, on the oil exit need install 10~50μ filter.At first coarse filter is on cleaning process, then change it to thin filter step by step, so that can proceed graded filter process.Cleaning time is about 8~24 hours.

(4)Using the hammer knock while cleaning, this procedure can promote attachments fall off easily.Parts of Pipe bending and weld need multiple knock them.

(5)Discharge cleaning oil:After finished cleaning hydraupc system, discharge the cleaning oil.Including pump, valve, pipepne and storage cleaning oil in the cooler.Then loosen the pipepne, sweeping by compressed air or add work oil so that clean the cleaning oil.

??(6)Add new hydraupc oil:After clean the oil out, add new hydraupc oil as soon as possible, then test hydraupc system at once, to avoid harmful effect about pipepne corrosion and other affecting.

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