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Posted Jun 10 2010 6:38am

Majority of people are very afraid of loosing memory and getting dementia in older age. When we see old people completely confused with destructed functions of brain and bodies, all of us secretly wish that something like that never happens to us.

Can we prevent the worst possible effects of aging that affect our brain functions? Yes we can, but we need to start to think about that today, not when problems arise to the level when we become completely helpless.

How someone´s brain, nerves and memory will behave in older age (or any age) is direct result of style of the life person have had during the whole life. We grow old exactly on the way we live our lives. Growing old is direct product of all segments of our live, behaviour, life-style. Some people are old already with 40 (even earlier), some others are fit and full of energy with age of 80. It is not genetic that can be blamed for aging, more important is our approach towards life we have today.

Aging and brain functions directly depend of: PLEASE READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE

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