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How I long To Be A Familiar Face

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:28pm

The following was written by my sister this week about my dad who has Alzheimer's Disease.

My name is Kim, I don't live by my mom and dad so I don't get to see my dad but a couple of times a year. I recently made a the trip to see my dad, I made sure I arrived in the morning when he is most alert. He was sitting in front of the TV staring at the wall. "Hi dad" I said, "I am your daughter Kim", he looked confused. I wheeled him into the next room where it was quiet, I sat close. I told him about my children, naming them one by one, I told him about his past, his work, his parents, his wife. I had his total attention, but his empty expression never changed. His care giver walked in the room and touched him on the shoulder, upon seeing her, his eyes lit up, he recognized a familiar face a safe face. I saw how he looked at her, I had seen that same look before. It was the look that my children gave me when they were little and I walked into the room. It was the look of innocent love for a familiar face in a unfamiliar world. Oh, how I longed to be a familiar face in his world. I told him that I loved him, no response. What I would give for just a moment with my dad, the dad he once was.

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