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How Do Pregnant Women through the Winter

Posted Oct 15 2012 9:50am

The cold of winter brings much inconvenience and danger to pregnant women. Pregnant women in the winter should pay attention in various aspects of daily life.

Pregnant women must keep warm, their own health, not illness. Specific measures are, pay attention to dress warm, seeks to stabilize at room temperature, when the cold wave hit, to prevent a cold chill on the go.

Low winter temperatures, day and night temperature difference, respiratory resistance is low, a variety of viral infectious diseases in high season. In General, winter virus infection in pregnant women more, heavier, longer course, the higher the incidence of birth defects. Pregnant women clothes should be added in due course during the winter, note the cold, keep indoor air circulation, stick to outdoor exercise, cold tolerance and resistance to raise the body, enhance immunity, resist disease invasion.

Mothers usually have to pay more attention to the weather forecast, to keep warm when in the cold spell, could be an appropriate mix of scarves, hats, gloves, but the prospective mother should not be too thick, because the hair dryer will be easily cold after sweating. Because the mother's metabolism is very strong, heat dissipation increases skin, so the clothing choices of pregnant women to be comfortable, relaxed and easy as the principle, you can choose strong hygroscopicity of cotton fabrics, feel good, do not pass through tight clothing. Wearing a too tight may influence placental circulation thus affecting the growth and development of fetus and not conducive to genital hygiene, if accidentally caused when vaginal infection, should be carefully used for external use under medical advice. In addition, also note the mother-to-be wears well in warm flat boots to prevent cold feet. Sometimes, many mothers join in various activities, so mothers must prepare a formal maternity dress, however, in home, you can wear casual maternity dresses.

Starting from pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body, gradual increase in the number and sophistication of the breast so that ever-swelling in the chest. Early in pregnancy, due to the rapid swelling of the breast, pregnant women will feel sore breast and areola are particularly sensitive. After five months of pregnancy, BRA size about than before pregnancy increase a size above; after seven months pregnant about two additional sizes, while papillary distance grows. Ahead of the seasonal production increased in the chest level instead of slowing down. When the production 2-3, secretion of breast milk begins, physical needs further expansion to accommodate the secretion of breast milk of the breast, breast swelling. For about a month after delivery, your breasts will be gradually returned to its size while seven months pregnant, due to gradually reduce breast fat, so prone to sagging in the chest.

Mother not only to radiation, radiation protective clothing selected pregnant women which brand is good, at the same time, also to eat some food for radiation, in fact, in additions to these radiation food we pointed it out, many of the basic fruits and vegetables, are very healthy foods for pregnant women, mothers must be reasonable diet, meat and vegetables mix. Not only do radiation, has to eat more nutritious foods, increase body immunity, so that, even under the influence of radiation or causing serious injury to body and your baby! These anti radiation maternity clothes are the best choice~

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