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How do I keep my sister from constantly losing her dentures?

Posted by Kat

My older sister has dementia and my biggest pet peeve is that she is always losing things or she squirrels them away into her little hiding places. The problem is that she never remembers where it's been hidden. In the last year I have paid to replace her lower dentures four times and I am done! It's always the lower dentures and she loses them the same way each time. I can only monitor her from a distance since she is in a long term care facility. She hated telling me because we just spent 6 weeks fitting her for the last replacement pair. This pair lasted 2 weeks. She just can't keep them??? Any suggestions? I am at my Wits end!
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Easier said than done but try to remember that due to your sister's dementia, she really isn't trying to lose her things and irritate you.  Instead, its her dementia or memory loss that prevents her from remembering where she last left something.  So rather than putting the onus on her to remember her items, perhaps you could ask the long term care staff to assist her in putting things back where they belong.  Like I said, easier said than done.  Good luck!
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